50 Cent Exposes Rick Ross' Failed Move, "They Indirectly Tried To Contact My Son's Mom"

50 Cent recently disclosed Rick Ross' failed attempt at trying to get a hold of his son, Marquise, and warned the rapper about what possible fatal outcome could have occurred.

Speaking with DJ Whoo Kid, Fif also touched on Ross' ex-girlfriend Tia Kemp.

"They should have had some type of communication," 50 said about Tia and Ross. "See, you know what's interesting about them that's different from me is even when I'm upset, I'll think things out, you see what I'm saying, and make the best possible move under those circumstances. Like, they actually indirectly tried to contact my son's mom. Yeah, and then like, they would have only had them show up somewhere for me to have 'em shot at that point. You see what I'm saying, because she would have told me. You gotta understand, even when I'm completely pissed at her, she'll go, 'Yo, drop it off kid, they gonna be at the corner of such and such.'" (Radio Planet TV)

50 recently justified using Ross' son to publicly embarrass the rapper, most notably by filming him at Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s home earlier this month.

"When you're actually competing as an artist, there's boundaries that I wouldn't cross myself, personally, until the other artists are passing those boundaries" Fif explained in an interview. "There was a point where Rick had took my son's picture, they cut a picture of my son out and put it on top of a monkey. And at that point, the parameters changed. So it's like, nothing's off limits at that point and outside of that, that wasn't meant to be a vicious event. It was more me wanting to get a chance to meet the kid. Tia told me she wanted to bring the boys out and meet up and talk, I was actually in Florida, Miami, on a promo tour. Because my touring schedule was so hectic at that point, I couldn't meet the baby. So I had them bring him out to Las Vegas, I felt they'd actually enjoy themselves and they did enjoy themselves and they got a chance to see the Cotto-Pacquiao fight, they came over to Floyd's house, they met Puffy...It was cool. I think if Rick had more communications with his son's mom and helped out a little more, then he would be aware of those situations prior to them actually happening." (VIBE)

50's righthand man, Tony Yayo, also vouched for the G-Unit leader earlier this year and pointed out Ross' multiple references toward Fif's son.

"We got bullet proof trucks man, we made for this. I ain't trying to glorify the beef but when n*ggas start talking about Marquise and n*gga's moms...I'm tired of this fat n*gga talking about you f*ck models. Name one model you f*cked. You don't look better than me...I'ma start showing my mansions." (Fient Out TV)

A photo cropped image of 50's son reportedly popped up on a Ross promotional website last winter.

Fif said the "Psychic Told Me" video was his reaction to seeing a website (ThisIsCurly.com) allegedly connected to Rick Ross, which focused on attacking 50 and promoting Ross' upcoming album Deeper Than Rap. On the site, there is a very disrespectful photo-shopped image of 50's son, Marquise. According to 50, the site and photo has been up since Sunday (February 8). (Miss Info TV)

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