50 Cent On Continuing Rick Ross Beef, "I Can Destroy Him & Make A Portfolio Of Dead Bodies"

50 Cent recently discussed the aftermath of his rap dispute against Rick Ross and explained his inability to allow himself to leave diss records unanswered.

For 50, it is his appreciation for the hip-hop culture which motivates him to engage in a rap battle.

"That's hip-hop culture," Fif said about beefing with rappers beneath his radar. "Is it me attacking Rick Ross or is Rick Ross attacking me? Why ignore [him] when I can destroy him and make a portfolio of dead bodies that indicate to other artists that it's not cool to compete when you're not ready. I can be above the culture and then you know what you'll say? Because of my financial success, you'll say, 'Oh, he feels like he's bigger than everything else.' And there's something wrong with that too, isn't there? Like if I walked around and felt like I was just better than the actual thing that created me, because hip-hop as an artform, I haven't lost my interest in competing. I think that's what makes the artist a better artist." (Fuse TV)
50, who recently took Ross' son and former girlfriend to Floyd Mayweather, Jr.'s Nevada mansion, also said he did not strike first in their rap beef.

"When you're actually competing as an artist, there's boundaries that I wouldn't cross myself, personally, until the other artists are passing those boundaries" Fif explained in an interview. "There was a point where Rick had took my son's picture, they cut a picture of my son out and put it on top of a monkey. And at that point, the parameters changed. So it's like, nothing's off limits at that point and outside of that, that wasn't meant to be a vicious event. It was more me wanting to get a chance to meet the kid. Tia told me she wanted to bring the boys out and meet up and talk, I was actually in Florida, Miami, on a promo tour. Because my touring schedule was so hectic at that point, I couldn't meet the baby. So I had them bring him out to Las Vegas, I felt they'd actually enjoy themselves and they did enjoy themselves and they got a chance to see the Cotto-Pacquiao fight, they came over to Floyd's house, they met Puffy...It was cool. I think if Rick had more communications with his son's mom and helped out a little more, then he would be aware of those situations prior to them actually happening." (VIBE)
Ross poked fun at 50 by remixing the rapper's "Baby By Me" single earlier this month.

"Have a baby by me baby, realest n*gga 'round," Ross raps. "He'll huff and puff and burn your house down/I ball like LeBron James, I'm Dwayne Wade laughing in my driveway, funny everything paid/Standing tall, we in the club it's like we on that...I catch your homie slippin', I hope they know I'm on that/Teflon Don, baby, Al Capone back, Boss/John Gotti poppin' Prozac...I'm a fly n*gga, I'm a Guy Fischer...This for my hungry n*ggas/But now we eat a lot/Once again, GG-GG-G-Unot!" ("Baby By Me" Remix)
From Ross' perspective, his motivation to appear on Fif's R&B record was sparked due to its production.

"Nah, nah, I just had to touch that beat and do it properly," Ross jokingly admitted in an interview with radio personality Jenny Boom Boom. "Nah, I just touched it and did a verse on there. If they want it for the album, get at me. My engineer, he was online and [50's album] was even worse than we originally thought. I was like [it] couldn't be. So they downloaded it and I heard it. It was a beat or two on there that was cool but for the most part, you know, it is what it is." (Jenny Boom Boom TV)

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