50 Cent On Working W/ Kim Kardashian For New Fragrance, "I Think She's Amazing"

50 Cent recently discussed his working relationship with television personality Kim Kardashian who has agreed to be a spokesperson for their upcoming women's fragrance line.

From 50's perspective, Kardashian shares similar traits as celebrity Paris Hilton.

"I think she's amazing," he said in an interview with a smile. "She's done great things for herself and her brand. She's just someone who the public has taken an interest in. It's not gonna stop. It's kinda like what Paris Hilton has. [Kim] might not like that I make the comparison, but the two of them have an energy that it's difficult to describe where the interest is coming from, but it's amazing. And they're so far different from each other, it's interesting." (MTV)

Details surrounding their partnership landed online in late August.
The 28 year-old reality star is developing her first fragrance in a joint venture with Lighthouse Beauty, which is also behind 50 Cent's soon-to-launch men's scent. According to Women's Wear Daily, Kardashian's new fragrance is expected to launch in spring 2010. Kardashian first disclosed her plans for a fragrance on her official Web site in July. (American Superstar Magazine)

50's manager and Lighthouse Beauty partner, Chris Lighty, also confirmed the partnership.

"Having worked with some of the top talent in the entertainment industry, I have a unique perspective on capturing the essence of a celebrity in a product," said Chris Lighty, chief executive officer of Brand Asset Group, founder of Violator Management and a partner in Lighthouse Beauty. "We worked closely with top perfumers to infuse Kim's larger-than-life personality into a fragrance that will really speak to her fans." (Women's Wear Daily)

Fif previously spoke on his upcoming Power By 50 fragrance line earlier this summer.

"When a woman smells a fragrance from me, I want it to be a sensual toxicant, ultra sexy and that's why I created Power," Fif said in a video. "I decided to create a fragrance to be able to offer some of the same energy and ideas that I actually have into a fragrance that embodies everything I actually have in my experience. The actual cap has a lot of details in it. It's actually inspired by some of my favorite watch companies' bezels. Few other companies use these [strategies] on the top of the actual bottles. It was a process, of course I had great help designing it and it was totally me. It was my choices, the things that you see in the actual packaging so I'm excited to have the opportunity to present it to the public. It allows people to come closer to me...It's really about confidence. I don't think you have the ability to show people who you are without having the actual confidence to be yourself in front of them." (Forbez DVD)

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