50 Cent Promises Mayhem & "Return Of The Heartless Monster"

G-Unit leader 50 Cent has continued to utilize Twitter and announced to his 3 million followers the return of the "heartless monster" a week from today.

While not getting into specifics, 50 did taunt rap mogul Diddy in his promotion of September 6th.

"Sept 6 the return of the heartless mosterDon't miss it! Total mayhem," 50 promised early Monday (August 30).

"Puffys a fun boy a happy man, a fruit loop a lucky charm a skittle chase the rainbow lolSept 6! Mayhem" (50 Cent's Twitter)

Recently, 50 said is not an authentic emcee because he uses ghostwriters.

"You know what's interesting, he's not an artist," 50 said in an interview with Nancy B. "An artist would be somebody that actually wrote something, maybe on
the record or because we have R&B artists that don't actually write
music, maybe it's unfair because of the pressures people put on me.
Imagine if I just sat around and listened to people's CDs and say I'm
just gonna say the first verse I hear that sounds good. That would
completely take away the pressure and I would still be the artist in
front of you with a new song every two minutes because every artist that
has a song that would like to make some money off it would send it. It
doesn't make you special. When you actually do what I thought was a part
of hip-hop and made the culture exciting to me, which was each person's
original experience and how you learn to enjoy them as an individual
and their portion of their life. So when that's not there because
they're being an executive, saying you don't write rhymes you write
checks, that's not hot. For hip-hop, that's not hot. Maybe for another
genre it'll work, R&B or something else because they're made, these
people are all made and when companies decide they're gone, they're
gone. Immediately, because they couldn't even figure out what to do
without a team of people figuring it out for them." (WZMX Hot)

Earlier this summer, speculation of tension between both camps grew after Diddy called out "suckers" during a post BET Awards 10 broadcast.

"I love my people, eh yo let's stop the hate man," Puff said during the BET Awards 10 afterparty. "Congratulate. Hate is for suckers
and if you hating, you're a sucker and you're ashy and your breath
stinks. And you know who I'm talking to you hatin' a** crab." (BET Awards 10 Afterparty)

Following the alleged diss, 50 aired out Diddy and said no direct shots had yet been fired at him.

"Diddy, well, the thing about it is, Puffy's like a b*tch," 50 said when asked if Diddy was subliminally dissing him. "To describe
Puffy in one word is a 'b*tch.' Right? Puffy wants to be the hot b*tch
in the group. You know how you see a hot b*tch -- I know it sounds kinda
harsh but I'll explain my statement. You know how an ugly b*tch always
has pretty friends? That's how he's built his group. He wants to be the
hot b*tch in the group. He wants to make sure he gets all the attention.
He wants to make sure the n*ggas wanna holla at him. And you know, it's
the reality of the situation, man. He'll tell you what happened himself
down in .
It's not even open season on Diddy, I don't know who he was talking
about, he didn't say my name. But that's the way I feel about him...This
is the final notice, the final note because they'll suck the life outta
him like everybody else he's been around...On the up and up, the n*gga
Puff used to call, we used to kick it on the telephone sh*t after the Mase sh*t." ("G-Unit Radio")

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