50 Cent Questions Ja Rule's Whereabouts, "His Own Family Don't Wanna See Him On Holidays"

G-Unit leader 50 Cent has fired shots to his rap rivals today after going on a Twitter tantrum directed toward artists like Shyne and Ja Rule.

Writing via a handful of tweets Saturday afternoon, 50 held no restraints against his enemies.

"Hahahaha that lilduval n*gga is funny I just got off the phone with him," 50 tweeted.

"He said shyne look like he cut his hair with a rock."

"Man were the f*ck is jah rule anybody seen that n*gga lol."

"Man I hit that n*gga jah with the death blow. His own family don't wanta see him on holidaysLol." (50 Cent's Twitter)

Taking note of 50's tweets, Ja Rule responded with his own taunts.

"Lmao @50cent is P*SSY!!! So y'all can stop tweeting him... I'm everywhere u n*ggas r never there lol..." (Ja Rule's Twitter)

Earlier this month, 50 prank phone called Shyne during a live Def Jam conference call.

"I'd like to speak with Shyne," Fif said while recording the session from an office desk. "My name is Sean, I'm right out on Radio
One. I called right after Tim Westwood. I'd like to
speak with Shyne. Yeah my question, is this Shyne? What's up, man.
Everything's good. I was just wondering what is your real issue with 50?
... The 50 sh*t with Shyne, I think that sh*t is a hoax! I think it's
the way you try to gain attention in some ways because the n*gga ain't
been f*cking with you for 15 years. You've been gone for 10 years so you
couldn't have had no issues. Shut up n*gga! Shut up n*gga! Shut up,
you're on a f*cking island! You can't go to war from a f*cking island!
Shut the f*ck up! Shut up! F*ck Shyne! F*ck Def Jam! F*ck everybody! I
don't care you went to jail! I hope you got raped by a pack of n*ggas!" (This Is 50)

Shyne later responded and called 50 a stalker.

"Wow. That's like an all-time low," Shyne said. "I didn't know he was so desperate. He's gone from confidential informant,
witness-protection program dude, getting order [of protection] on
muthaf---as. Now he's a stalker. I was in shock. He called up saying he
was 'Jamal from Harlem.' He didn't call up saying he's Curtis Jackson,
Hawaii 5-0. He's a busta. I can't believe it. I can't believe he would
stoop to that low. Then again, a guy in the witness-protection program,
he has no shame...I thought it was somebody who was having a bad day,
who wanted to know the situation. It wasn't until after everything was
finished, muthaf---as at DefJam was like, 'That was Boo-Boo. That was
Hawaii 5-0.' I was like, 'No. No.' Then he put the [video] out, like he
was talking reckless. He's a creep. Any of my comments have been honest
comments. These dudes do anything, I don't give a f---. It never
bothered me. The fact that he's sitting in New York, selling his Vitamin
Water, listening to my Ustream. What the f---? You're stalking me. Go
take some steroids. Find something to do." (MTV)

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