50 Cent Suspects Possible Violator, Makes Big Move In Chris Lighty Case

G-Unit leader 50 Cent is unsatisfied with the reported suicide of longtime friend/late business partner Chris Lighty and has hired a legal team to further investigate his August passing.

Fif said outside factors and doubt from Lighty's mother motivated his decision to look into the death.

The city medical examiner ruled it a suicide, but many close to Lighty have their doubts. 50 Cent said he offered to pay for an investigation. 50 cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, told me the hip hop mogul was not financially desperate. He said they just booked an international tour for 2013 that would have netted Lighty millions. Fox 5 obtained a copy of Lighty's will. The will, drafted in 2007, provides a separate $1.6 million for his children. Aidala said establishing that trust shows great care and planning, especially for a man who at that time was only in his late thirties. (My Fox NY)

Along with an attorney, the G-Unit head has also hired a private investigator.

50 Cent, an award-winning platinum-selling artist said Lighty was involved in every major of his over the last decade. He said he believes Chris would do the same for him. On behalf of Lighty's mother, attorney Scott Leemon and private investigator Les Levine are on the case. 50 Cent said he will back the effort until there is conclusive evidence one way or the other. (My Fox NY)

Around mid-September, Mr. Jackson hinted at his issues with the reported suicide.

"I actually can't wrap the idea around my head of him shooting himself," Fif said. "I don't have all of the information, so I don't want to point or say anything other than what's being said publicly but I don't believe that. Just 'cause of my personal interactions with him, he never gave any indication that was even possible." ("The Angie Martinez Show")

The rap star also recently said Lighty's passing would not motivate him to call a truce in active rap beefs.

"Nah," Fif said when asked if Lighty's passing would encourage him to extend an open hand to music rivals like Joe and Rick Ross. "You know what I think? A lot of times it's people who choose not to like you. Regardless, you could be across the street from you, they don't have to have a conversation or have anything to be a source of why they feel that way about you. You can't [have] that conversation with some of these people so I don't look to resolve any of that, I just move forward without focusing on it." ("The Rickey Smiley Morning Show")

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