50 Cent Talks "ThisIs50" Online Takeover, "The New Kids Are More Perceptive Of Computers"

50 Cent recently discussed the power of online marketing and explained how he measures his success through viral videos versus the popular mixtapes of the past.

From 50's perspective, the younger generation haspersuaded artists to step up their online marketing.

"As far as the Internet is concerned, it's so new that the younger kids can take better advantage," Fif explained in an interview. "Soulja Boy is one of the guys that is more open-minded to the Web, and he'll go there immediately...I watched and learned from people like him. From my perspective, what the mixtape circuit was is now a viral video...When I make material and I see it be viewed a million times, I know that I pleased a small demographic that watched it so often that there's a million views. Or a broad demographic of people are drawn to it. I feel good either way... As [the Internet] changes and there's new applications and new things involved with the site, I learn that right away. That makes me comfortable...The kids, the new age group, the new kids are more perceptive of computers. They don't have to have the experience of going to purchase your CD or going to see your movie." (XXL Mag)

50 has also recently shown his online muscle by announcing plans to sue rap website World Star Hip Hop.

Rap superstar 50 Cent is furious after the editors a popular hip-hop Web site used his image without permission. He is suing WorldStarHipHop.com over allegations his picture was plastered across the site's homepage, leading some readers to believe it was the star's own website. 50 Cent is taking the editors to court and has vowed to fight until they are broke. (KSNT News)

According to Fif, he has no intention of losing his case against the site.

"I gotta lawsuit against World Star for utilizing my likeness," he said in an interview. "A lot of people felt like that was my site because they saw my face on the cover of [the website] for a long time. I have lawyers on retainers and I have to pay them so much money anyway, so we'll go back and forth to court until [they] can't afford a subway sandwich. It's already too late for [them]." (Six Shot)

The rapper is known for voicing his opinion on the site in recent interviews.

"Worldstar is fake, all those people paid for those hits," he said in a recent interview. "You know how you see a wack video and think 'why it got so many hits?' It's because they press 'Apple' and 'R,' and the views go up 500 times. So if you an artist talking about they hot right now because they got crazy hits on WorldStar, it's because they coulda bought a package. They could have just paid for it." (Forbez DVD)

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