50 Cent Unloads "Gun" Movie Details, "It's One Of My Biggest Accomplishments"

Rapper/Actor 50 Cent has spoken on his upcoming film, Gun, with V
al Kilmer which he plans to shoot in 2010.

For 50 Cent, the role he plays a writer and producer is a large achievement.

"It's one of my biggest accomplishments, obviously," 50 explained in an interview. "I wrote, produced it and I'm actually acting in the project. So this is exciting for me...Initially when I started the plot, it was a socially conscious story about how guns go from the manufacturing point to retail and purchased by law-abiding citizens and how they fall into the wrong hands. And what made it interesting and so relevant...was the fact that companies like Smith & Wesson are up 125 percent in sales in the middle of a recession." (MLive News)
The film will reportedly have a budget around $3 million.

Film producers are Randall Emmett and Curtis Jackson (Cheetah Vision Films), Richard Jackson (Action Jackson Films) and George Furla . Director is Jessy Terrero. The film's budget is below $3 million, Emmett told the Press today. He plans to produce "a minimum" of three films here in the state in 2010. "I liked that it was very quiet," Jackson said about the Michigan location. "New York City is so conscious of everything I do." (Grand Rapids Press)
50 previously spoke on the impact guns have on certain people.

The film focuses on two friends (played by 50 and Val Kilmer) whose loyalties are tested when they become involved in illegal gun dealing. 50 revealed that he came up with the script while thinking about how guns land in the hands of wrong people. "It's a socially conscious theme that people aren't paying attention to," explained 50. The Gun will begin filming next month. Jesse Terro will be serving as director. The Gun is one of three films that 50 Cent has written and he plans to bring them to the big screen via his Cheetah Vision imprint. (Six Shot)
The rapper's film company has reportedly been hard at work preparing new films since last January.

50 said Cheetah Vision had already bought eight scripts. "They are all different types of movies that I bought the rights to, and we're developing projects. You will see different things from me in the future," he said. (Reuters)
No further information has been provided yet.

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