Afrika Bambaataa Says Tupac & Biggie Beef Could Have Been Avoided by DANIELLE HARLING

Afrika Bambaataa Says Tupac & Biggie Beef Could Have Been Avoided

The Universal Zulu Nation “should have a bigger financial stake” in Hip Hop, according to Afrika Bambaataa.

During an interview with Vlad TV, Hip Hop pioneerAfrika Bambaataa spoke on both Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G., as well as their affiliations with the Universal Zulu Nation. In regards to Tupac, Bambaataa didn’t give an exact answer on whether or not Tupac was a part of the Universal Zulu Nation, but did state that the late rapper “was family.”

He also recalled Biggie performing at the Zulu Nation anniversary concert before he had a record deal, and added that the feud between both Tupac and Biggie “could have been avoided.”

“He was family with us,” Afrika Bambaataa said when asked if Tupac was a member of the Universal Zulu Nation. “Tupac was coming out of New York City and went to the West Coast…I met him here and there, but I didn’t know him like really to be hanging out with him and all that. Passing by, just like N.W.A and a couple of others. We knew Biggie, we used to have him at the anniversary when he used to come tear the house up before he had any type of record deal…Yes, that could have been avoided. When people used to be arguing over the West Coast versus the East Coast, Universal Zulu Nation, we never had that problem.”

Prior to speaking on Tupac and Biggie, Afrika Bambaataa was asked if the Zulu Nation should have a bigger financial stake in Hip Hop. He revealed that the group should have a bigger financial stake, but also spoke on the importance of having Hip Hop forums where people in the community can share ideas and ideologies.

“Well, the Universal Zulu Nation definitely should have a bigger financial stake, but we tried to keep it as real as possible…We definitely need these types of things in Hip Hop forums that people could really talk some real ideology and ideas,” he said. “And not just talk about greed and trying to be all about money where you don’t even know what money or real money is. Most people think that when we talk about money that it’s all these paper bills and stuff that you got out there. But real money is gold and silver or dealing with coins.”

Afrika Bambaataa’s interview with Vlad TV can be found below.

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