Andre 3000 To Blame For OutKast Delay, Says Big Boi "I Was Cool W/That""

OutKast's Big Boi has opened up about the motivation behind his new solo debut, Sir Lucious Left Foot and said that it was Andre 3000's suggestion to hold-off on another group project.

Boi said Dre's busy schedule would have delayed an OutKast project.

"Let's just be clear. The whole idea of recording this solo album came from Dre. It did not come from Big . If it were me we would have done another Outkast record [laughs]. But Dre had just started doing movies and his clothing line and he wanted to focus on that. So he was like, 'If we do the solo albums, it will make the Outkast albums mean that much more to the fans.' And I was cool with that. I started Sir Lucious on Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday in 2007." (VIBE)

Boi recently compared working on group projects to solo albums.

"The difference [with making this album] was the writing load," Big Boi reveals. "When it's me and Dre, I'd write maybe two verses and somebody would take care of the hook, and we would do the beat together. But when it's just me, I write the verse and the hook, so the writing load was heavier. Dre and I have been working together and separately since the Aquemini album. We had our own separate home studios, so we would do records, put all our ideas down and then we would meet up at the studio with a gang of music, songs [and] lyrics and stitch them together. Now, all of the ideas are coming from me and various artists that I work with on the album. It's not really a big difference because [Dre and I] are used to not working hip-to-hip all of the time." (Rolling Out)

He has already begun planning a sophomore solo album and announced its title.

"I got about four, five songs that I'm tinkering with right now," Big Boi told MTV News about Daddy Fat Sax, tentatively slated for a late-2011 release. "But at the same time, there's a couple of records that we picked out for the Outkast record too. So while Dre is working on his records, we're kinda, with Organized Noize, seeing what's gonna go for the 'Kast album. And at the same time, with the beats I already got, I'm just making the most out of my time, whether I'm on the road touring or just on the bus or whatever; just putting ideas down." (MTV)

The rapper's solo debut has remained in the Top 20 since dropping earlier this month.

OutKast frontrunner Big Boi's Sir Lucious Left Foot slipped one slot to No. 15 with 18,400. Heading into his first full month, Boi's solo debut has pushed out 107,000 records to date. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

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