With East Coast rappers DMX and Yelawolf recently getting bum-rushed by fans at California concerts, SOHH decided to hit up West Coast rap veteran WC to get his take on unexpected stage antics.

"I've never personally experienced any fans jumping on stage. I'm used to fans doing nothing other than dancing. We're used to them dancing. Maybe females will jump on the stage to give you a hug and a kiss. I guess it's because people come to my shows and really get into the music," WC told SOHH when asked about California fans hopping on stages. "Most people know that we have security and so anybody that wants to jump on stage is going to see what's going down. A lot of people really aren't on to that sh*t though. They might do that overseas but then they'll get clocked real fast. When you're jumping on stage, you have to prepare for the worst." (SOHH)

The Westside Connection rapper also gave some tips to fans considering bumrushing their favorite artists at live shows.

"All I can tell fans is don't run up," WC laughingly added when asked what advice he has for concertgoers looking to bumrush the stage. "Don't run up. Use precautions and don't run up. You can say what's up and ask for a pound or handshake, autograph or picture but don't run up on a n*gga. That ain't cool" (SOHH)

Earlier this month, footage of Yelawolf getting attacked by a hip-hop fan emerged online.

The fan actually succeeded at knocking Yelawolf down, but as soon as Yela gained his composure, he came out swinging. He served up the douchebag a few right hooks right before security whisked the man off stage! If he was trying to hurt Yelawolf, it back fired tremendously. All the action kicks off at :45 in the video. Check out Yelawolf go Floyd Mayweather on his fan. (Global Grind)

A week prior, rap veteran DMX was also attacked at a Cali show.

A crazed fan got his hands around DMX's throat for a split second at a concert in Long Beach last night .... and it was all caught on tape. X was performing at the Cáfe Sevilla in Long Beach ... and was just about to start his second song when some dumb a** hopped on stage and attacked the rapper. Security rushed right in -- and put the stage intruder in a MONSTER choke hold -- then wrangled him off the stage. The DJ briefly stopped the music during the melee ... but X immediately ordered him to get back to spinnin' ... yelling, "We don't stop the music for s**t!" Ruff night. (TMZ)

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