Bun B Explains Why The J. Cole-produced “Bun B For President” Didn’t Make Trill O.G.

Bun tells VIBE that he didn’t use J. Cole’s “Bun B For President” because he wasn’t sure how to handle the beat.

I never could figure out how to approach the record. It almost sounded crazy for me to say “Bun B For President”. It was an incredible song. I really loved the track, which J. Cole produced as well. I originally talked to him about a beat and he was like, “Oh I got music all day. Would you mind if I sent you something with a verse on it?” I’m like, “I wasn’t even gon’ go there but by all means…”

When he sent it, all we did all day was sit around and listen to that song, like, “Do you hear this? What do you do to this? I don’t even know what to do to this.” So it was just something that we had to put to the side.

A lot of cats, they still weren’t hip to the game with J. Cole. People would come to the studio and I’d be playing different songs off the album like, “check this song out, this something J. Cole sent.”

And they’re like, “That’s the dude that Hov got right? Oh shit who did the beat?” I’m like, “He did the beat.’”

Now that it’s out there, I kinda feel like I have to do something. So don’t be surprised if you here something on it in the next couple days. I got a better understanding now how to approach it than I did when I got it, now when I see how the public reacted to it. ’Cause I didn’t want to come off too cocky like, “I’m the shit.”

Dudes are sleeping on Cole’s production, He produced all but 2 tracks on The Warm Up, “Who Dat”, and all of these leaks. And each one sounds better than the last.

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