Chad Ochocinco will become Chad Johnson once again

The change is being reported by TMZ and by Ochocinco himself, so the sources are about equally reliable. Here's what TMZ says:

Say goodbye to Chad Ochocinco ... the Patriots star is telling friends, he plans to change his last name BACK to Johnson in time for his wedding this summer -- because he doesn't want his wife to have a made-up last name.

Ocho's wedding to his "Basketball Wives" fiancee Evelyn Lozada is set for July in Florida -- and sources tell TMZ, the wide receiver plans to legally change his last name back to the one he was born with before he ties the knot.

And here's what Chad had to say on Twitter:


I was hoping they'd go for a hyphenated last name. "OCHOCINCO-LOZADA" would look pretty good on the back of a jersey.

Ocho has been Ocho since the summer of 2008, even though he didn't start wearing the number in the NFL until 2009. He Ocho'd for two seasons in Cincinnati and one in New England, where he was largely (OK, completely) ineffective. He had just 15 catches all season and one in the Super Bowl.

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