New York rapper Charles Hamilton was reportedly arrested last week for assaulting a police officer in Ohio.

Although details are still developing, the incident reportedly took place December 10th.

Where is Charles Hamilton? Well, he was arrested last week in Ohio for assault. Details are sketchy, but he allegedly was causing a disturbance at various bars. When he was confronted by a cop, he punched the officer in the face. Apparently he's still in custody with bail set at $25,000. (Rap Radar)

In November, Hamilton sprouted up across the Internet after posting a video recorded battle with rapper Serius Jones.

"To all those who click play, listen to the big day where this 6'2 big gay n*gga finally meets his sensei," Hamilton rapped in a barbershop. "And I'm sure he's starting to since he wrote this/I'm way PO'd, poetic, this n*gga ain't wavy, and he knows it/I'm f*cking up words, I'm so close to having to jump this n*gga/And choke him, it's hopeless/He can be shaving his beard, the most gangster of queers, somehow we accept him in our neighborhood, here..." (YouTube)

Hamilton also made headlines after checking into a New York mental hospital last summer.

"Basically my stay here [NY Presbyterian Mental Hospital] is like identical to my stay in the industry. As far as being the new guy in here having to deal with politics & people trying to control you. The critics would have to be the doctors and the rounds [medicine guys]. So you can say this is like an experiment to see if the industry is really like an asylum or if I was the one bugging. Some say the Industry is like High School but it's just like a [mental hospital]." (Bossip)

After being released, rapper B.o.B. vouched for the afflicted emcee, promising he was still sane.

"You have to understand... Charles Hamilton is not crazy," says B.o.B of his longtime ally. "He was in a place of extreme possibilities music-wise. He has not veered in on the reality that he wants to create. As with all artists, if we were astronauts we would be on Pluto [laughs]. We dance on the line of insanity. We really do. If you look at some of the greatest artists in history, they were really out there. It's like that movie Inception. If you don't keep something like a totem to keep you remembering who you are, you'll get lost...Charles and I are cool. I talk to him a lot. He's always discovering himself, putting his experiences into his music." (VIBE)


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