Former G.O.O.D. Music artist Consequence continues to address his past relationship with Grammy-winning producer/rapper Kanye West and deny using the beef to fuel his publicity. 

Cons said hip-hop heads should not be so quick to judge him and consider his position since severing ties with Yeezy.

"Anybody who put themselves in my shoes would have did what I did, and probably did worse," Cons said in an interview. "It's way more behind the scenes. My point by speaking to anybody was, 'I'm moving forward with my career. It's mine. It doesn't belong to G.O.O.D. Music either. It never did.' When I met Kanye, there wasn't no G.O.O.D. Music. A lot of people got this misconception, because of his success, that he found me off of a mixtape. It didn't pop off like that. That's not how this went. He knew 88 Keys[former artist with Kanye West], he was figuring out what he was doing, Rhymefest was even at the time his artist, which evolved into Rhymefest leaving his sound for Mark Ronson, and me staying with Kanye. And these people know that." (All Hip Hop)

He also used the moment to remind fans his focus is clearly on the future.

"I'm not gonna be made to look like I'm in a delusional state. It is what it is. I'm fine with anything, and I wanted the fans who I sell this to, who I service this to, who I do this for, and who I love when the  me my rap lines back, to know we just moving forward. We just moving forward. Because I don't work with somebody who does not define my career. It doesn't, it never has, it never would. If it did, I would have stopped at the Tribe, I would have never met Kanye. Now if I leave my own family to go do me, I'm gonna leave my friend? My career's gonna end over a friendship? No, come on, that's absurd!" (All Hip Hop)

Last week, Cons addressed the amount of backlash he has received from fans.

"That's a situation that involves family, friends and fans onTwitter," Cons answered in an interview. "So there was a lot of spears being thrown at everybody, and the natives were getting restless. I never had to deal with that, because I've always been an artist with a considerable amount of respect and love. Even if people didn't like me specifically, they were really respectful about saying it. All that sh*t came to a screeching halt. People were like, 'Motherf*cker, how the f*ck you gonna be dissing Kanye?' and 'You bit the hand that fed you!' Mind you, I have a mortal mind like every other man, but I also have a very strong will. That's what has kept me so diligent over the years." (Hip Hop DX)

Earlier this month, Cons revealed his contribution to all of West's albums to date.

"It is true I participated in writing with Kanye. You could read it on credits on 808s and Heartbreaks, College Dropout. Every album that he's had, I've been involved from a creative aspect in writing of songs," Cons said. "Check the credits, I get that publishing." (MTV)

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