Discovery Channels new show "Weed Country"

TV Review: 'Weed Country' on Discovery Channel -

Discovery Channel's followup to Weed Wars goes deep inside the Emerald Triangle and beyond, where some of
  America's best marijuana is grown. Meet the cultivators and sellers, and the law enforcers whose job it is to
take them down.
The network that brings us Moonshiners sees a similar storyline with Weed Country - be it illegal alcohol or marijuana production, the battle lines are drawn between the outlaw culture and the authorities, who are usually a few steps behind their prey (except from the air in helicopters, where outdoor grows are easy to spot).
Episode 1, which airs Wednesday night, introduces Mike and Tawni Boutin, who run Grace Farm Collective in Trinity County. Tawni's the grower, Mike (below) moves the product (a big chunk of the episode is devoted to his harrowing road trip carrying six pounds). Down in Vallejo, Matt Shotwell is dealing with the legal ramifications of his dispensary, Greenwell Collective, being raided and shut down last February. Inevitably, we also meet the other side - Siskiyou County Sheriiff John Lopey and Sgt. Mike Gilley, who commands the marijuana action team (they're the ones swooping down in the copters), as well as Jackson County (Oregon) SWAT team leader Lt. Matt Thomson. It's odd that the show's supposed to be set in the Emerald Triangle (Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity counties), yet none of the authorities there so far appear to have cooperated with Weed Country's producers.
A side trip to the popular stoner destination Weed (see clip below) in Siskiyou Country reveals that the mountain town was actually named after timber tycoon Abner Weed.
"This is the story about America at war with itself," the narrator starts out, then concludes: "The road is paved with untold risks. All roads lead to the Emerald Triangle."
Watch Weed Country Wednesdays on Discovery at 10/9c.

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