DJ Enuff Sticks With Just Blaze & Jay Electronica Track

After publicly debating whether or not to play Jay Electronica and Just Blaze's "Exhibit C" record on the radio, DJ Enuff has allowed the fans' voices to weigh in.

Writing in a posting called "Jay Electronica Wins The Heart Of A Super Star DJ," Hot 97's Enuff said he has decided to play the emcee's record.

"People have been commenting like crazy I must of struck some cord," he wrote Monday (December 28). "I know my role and position. But at times it isn't wrong to ask for a lil help or advice. You must at all times respect your power. I rarely would ask you the people for help because the answers can be so different from one another. Leaders such as the homie Quest Love. Your cult following is ridiculous. You tell them to talk to me and they did. J Electronica I have never met him but always dug some of his early mix-tape stuff. Shouts to my cousin Jaemin for putting me on to J Electronica. I understand that I am one of the Gatekeepers. I am truly honored and Blessed to be here for Hip Hop. Quiz Knows If your out there you wanted to write I'm writing. I would love to have a one on one with J Electronica....To Be Continued." (Thats Enuff)
He previously expressed his struggle with the politics behind playing the non-typical radio record.

"I'm listening to Jay Electronica's latest tune Exhibit C Produced by Just Blaze," he wrote Sunday (December 27). "It is so good. I think it's lyrical and the production is solid. Reminds me of some early Nas stuff,Then I ask my self : Why is it not spinning on the radio? At least during my time slot? Is it because there's no dance tied to it? Is it because it's not yet on BET's Top Ten Countdown? Does it have to be a Club Banger? The radio isn't a club. So why not Good solid Hip Hop? I have it on my website. I battle myself all the time when it comes to the radio. The job I love so much. I could make it the Heavy Hitter Pick of the week with no problem. Then what? I need HELP with this one. Any Suggestions Re: Real Hip Hop is Fading." (Thats Enuff)
Earlier this year, fellow Hot 97 radio personality Funkmaster Flex warned Interscope Records about boycotting its music.

"Let me tell you something Nino, New York I'm talking to a person who makes decisions, who does things up there moving funny style," Flex said on his radio show about an Interscope employee. "Interscope Records, nothin' is spinning...50 [Cent], from what I hear, your deal is up at Interscope, we got you. I'd walk out that building after that...That Eminem album is coming Interscope, I take pride in how I'm gonna do this movement...Unfortunately, we're not gonna be able to play those Eminem and Dr. Dre records and I'm so sorry this is the way this has to go down with this guy's album coming. I want us all to be friends, but Nino is not a friend of ours. I will go on with this, Nino, you got 24 hours to fix yourself or this goes some place else, tomorrow...Nino is the only one I'm letting off today, tomorrow I'm teeing off on the whole team." ("The Funkmaster Flex Show")
Enuff is also known for having close ties with the late Biggie Smalls.

Audiences loved his DJ skills and clubs everywhere were looking to book DJ Enuff. Because of the high demand, Enuff decided to return to deejaying local parties. This seems to have been a leap of fate for DJ Enuff because he caught the attention of the late legend Notorious BIG and suddenly became his road DJ. On the road with the Notorious BIG was a memorable experience for DJ Enuff. He reminisces about the good times often. One fond memory he can recall while on the set at these concerts was how the whole crowd would join together and sing his songs in perfect harmony. "It's such an amazing feeling," says Enuff. (Hot 97)

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