Three 6 Mafia's DJ Paul is not worried about Juicy J's busy schedule and said there are still plans to reunite with key group members including Gangsta Boo and Crunchy Black in the near future.

Although mum on details, Paul did promise fans could expect new music from Three 6 Mafia in the form of a project.

"For the reunion, it's going to be Lord Infamous, Gangsta Boo and Crunchy Black. That's the main group. We have just been recording records so I just got to see what direction I'm going to take it but it'll definitely be something that will come out within the year." (VIBE)

Back in May, Juicy J said unless Columbia Records is willing to dig deep into its pockets there is no reason to rush out a follow-up to 2008's Last 2 Walk.

"If they cut a check for $15-$16 mil," Juicy told "RapFix Live" of Columbia Records, where Three 6 are currently signed. "It's really up to Columbia Records, man. I feel like Columbia Records put that group on the shelf so it's their call when they wanna bring back the Three 6 Mafia. ... The contracts are still signed; the group is still signed with Columbia so it's really up to the label." (RapFix)

Recently, DJ Paul spoke to SOHH and explained why Three 6 is one of the most underrated rap groups of all time.

"People even tweet me and say, "DJ Paul is one of the most underrated producers." I'm going to tell you another thing. Three 6 Mafia created the sound of hip-hop these days. Everybody is eating because of the music. We opened the doors for people to feel comfortable about drugs. We came out with a record talking about sniffing cocaine and sipping Sizzurp. Pimp C, he'd tell us, "Y'all do stuff that these other rappers do but these n*ggas scared to talk about it. Y'all come on a record talking about sniffing cocaine and I know a lot of rappers that sniff cocaine but they're not gonna talk about that sh*t."" (SOHH Underrated)

He also talked about the crew's early struggles and how their sound is duplicated within the industry.

"On top of that was the scary bass beats. That's why it took us so long. We had ten records before we had a record deal because nobody wanted to give us a record deal. They only heard us talking about beating people up at the club. When we sold so many records on the underground, we flew out to New York and got the record deal. Then the next thing you know, everyone started coming out with beats like ours. Even still today, everybody has beats that I made back when I was in the ninth grade. Out in New York and all around, everyone has that Three 6 Mafia sound. If you get a session from some of these guys like the Lex Lugers or the others, if you go to their sessions and look at their sounds, there's going to be some sounds that say "Three 6 Mafia" on them. That sound has been on so many beats. Three 6 Mafia can be considered one of the most powerful rap groups of all time and 23 years later, still doing it."

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