Renowned hitmaker DJ Premier has revealed his Top 5 all-time favorite producers ranging from the late soul music icon James Brown to Dr. Dre

"Definitely [gotta name] James Brown," Premier told DJ Vlad. "Just the way he commanded his band and when I was a kid, it was called soul music. When James Brown came around, it was called funk. To create funk, not everybody could do funky stuff...Marley Marl is the ultimate hip-hop producer to me. He's the James Brown of hip-hop to me. No one did it like him. Mantronix. He always had the newest drum machines first and he always mastered how to work it." (Vlad TV)

Preemo also named Def Jam co-founder Rick Rubin and Aftermath Records head Dr.  in his beatsmith list.

"Rick Rubin, definitely," Premier added. "[He's there] just startingDef  to begin with. Number two, [he's] a white dude, Jewish dude, loving ghetto culture and making it bang...I gotta say Dr. Dre -- Dre reminds me of what I do. He does albums and albums and albums. And I know he has a bigger team now but -- Dr. Dre, he can do it, still, on his own." (Vlad TV)

Last month, Brooklyn rapper Saigon named Dre as one of his Top 3 favorite producers.

"Of all-time, I'd definitely put [Just Blaze] in Top 5," Sai revealed in an interview. "Of all-time, I'd say he's like four. The only people I would put in front of Just Blaze, of all-time, is [first] Dr. Dre, I would put Timbaland, I would put -- Dr. Dre, , Just might be [number] three, man. I can't think of nobody because when you look at his discography, you go, 'Wow.' He don't get the due he get. [Dre], Timbaland, yeah, as far as hip-hop producers. Probably him and RZA would have the tie for number three." (Hard Knock TV)

In November, Premier sat down with SOHH and revealed his involvement on Jay-Z and Kanye West's upcoming album, Watch the Throne.

"H*ll yeah, I'm excited to be a part of anything and I love working with Jay," Premier told SOHHabout getting aboard Watch the Throne. "I wish I was on Blueprint III, but I got on board really too late and he couldn't make it in time but I just saw Jay the other day and we kicked it."*LJMyT3bE5Pg5xDta1erRrzd8VwN8pIg60hAkzU-ckH0th-C0qAO1DbAxZDsHOzJeV6UEKahoqOIcnH/638605952.jpeg?width=500&height=333

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