West Coast music icon Dr. Dre is reportedly catching some backlash after making headlines a few days ago for denying a story about him having an affair with a video vixen.

According to reports, an attorney for gossip site TheDirty.comhas lashed at the Doc for trying to have a post taken down.

David Gingras, Esq., begins by saying, "Back in the '80s I personally destroyed many subwoofers blasting N.W.A.'s 'F**k Tha Police' in my car in the high school parking lot." Gingras goes on to say what a fan he is ... and then goes on a very sarcastic attack. First, the lawyer challenges Dre's claim that the story is false: "Bill Clinton and Monica what's-her-name both denied having sexual relations. Of course, they were both lying. Same thing with Lance Armstrong." And then he jokes, "Other than O.J. Simpson, who was clearly framed, history is filled with examples of people who make mistakes and lie about them to cover it up." (TMZ)

The lawyer goes on to stress the story and comments were reader-based and not the thoughts of the website itself.

The hired gun goes on and on, making jokes about people in Eastern Kentucky -- "cue banjo music," trashing a court decision from that region that makes it seem Dre has a case. The lawyer wrote, "If you believe the Kentucky court's decision [it's compelling] ... I also have a fabulous ocean-front unicorn ranch here in Arizona that you might want to buy." Bottom line -- TheDirty's lawyer says the posts in question were comments from users, and the website isn't responsible. (TMZ)

Photos of Dre and vixen Kili Anderson together, along with a story about them being intimate, posted to TheDirty.com in late October.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kili Anderson. She was a booty model/gold digger until she started sleeping with the good doctor. Now she has her own business and drives a Bentley. The perks of being a side piece are really nice sometimes. She has a big ole fake butt and lipos the f*ck out of her stomach. She thinks shes bigtime now because shes with Dr Dre. According to her he totally sprung and is going to leave his wife for her. Dr. Dre is going to leave his wife for Kili Anderson??? No chance.- nik (The Dirty)

Kili is most known for her Midwest background and landing small roles on television shows.

Kili actually grew up in Columbus, Ohio and her determination and perseverance were evident early. After graduating from high school, she nurtured her intellectual side and furthered her studies at Ohio State University. Kili's charm and worldly good looks didn't go without recognition, but she didn't use just that to pave the way. She worked as a model to pay her way through school, in the meantime rubbing elbows and grabbing the attention of many big name celebrities, impressing them with her girl-next-door charisma and witty sense of humor. The overwhelming desire to pursue her real dreams pushed her to leave Ohio in search of success, and what better place to begin other than Los Angeles? She is certainly accustomed to hard work and is definitely not afraid of a challenge so she quickly and easily acclimated herself to life in LA-LA land. She immediately started working as a model and an actress, landing featured roles on shows such as HBO's Entourage, FOX's the OC, and the WB's One-on-One. These small roles only fueled her determination to become a household name in the world of entertainment. (Hip Hop Video Models)

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