Drake Measures Eminem & Jay-Z's Fan Devotion, "I Know Wayne Is The Next Guy"

Young Money's Drake recently shared his thoughts on Jay-Z and Eminem's ability to maintain a loyal fanbase and counts Lil Wayne among the fan favroites.

Aside from Hov and Slim Shady, Drizzy feels Lil Wayne deserves to be considered in the same category.

"I think it's so rare that an artist comes along in our generation that has a loyal following no matter what -- I think has it," Drake revealed in an interview. "I think Jay-Z has it, although he's never faltered enough to test it. Jay is almost like the perfect guy. Media-wise, there's never been a true test of your fans staying with you. Eminem has had gone through a couple of ups and downs and his fans were with him no matter what. I think Wayne is that guy. I know Wayne is the next guy, after the two I just named, that has that unconditional, no matter what. You get caught with this and you go to jail. You make little life errors that people should never find out about, but because we're in the public eye, everyone knows everything. Wayne has those fans." (MTV)

In a recent interview, Drake cited Jay as one of his biggest inspirations.

"I like the way he [Leonardo DiCaprio] carries himself and how much he lives his work. That is something that I hope to accomplish. I don't think I live my work...Second would be Jimi Hendrix, I love how he just performed under pressure...Third would be Jay-Z. Everything about Jay, how long he has been in the game as a rapper, you know how intelligent he is, you know who he is married to." (All Hip Hop)

Recently, Drake also talked about his top five favorite rappers of all-time.

Lil Wayne: It's hard as a rapper not to become repetitive, and he always has a new way to make it fun. Andre 3000: If I wasn't myself, I would want to be that guy! Kanye West: I've never been so moved by a person's entire career. He's the guy I'll tell my kids about. Nas: He influenced this album a lot. I had to break down how he raps. Jay-Z: You look at [other] rappers from his era, and they couldn't transcend generations. But he's still completely relevant. (All Things Fresh)

Drake's fans have hit record stores to help support his debut, Thank Me Later.

Young rapper Drake's Thank Me Later moved down a notch selling 43,400. After six weeks on the charts, Drizzy's long-awaited debut continues to move units resting at 880,500 sold copies. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

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