Drake Names His Top 5 Fave LP's, "That Was Pivotal In My Life"

Young Money's Drake may have his own album dropping in the next couple of weeks, but the Canadian-bred emcee recently named his personal Top 5 favorite LPs of all time.

While showing love to East Coast rappers like The Clipse's Lord Willin' album and Jay-Z's Black Album, Drizzy also gave props to OutKast.

"Top 5 hip hop albums for me, because I'm young, for me. Black Album. Clipse, Lord Willin'. Uh, this is not an album, but The Little Brother/[Mick] Boogie [And Justus For All] mixtape, that was like pivotal in my life. And then I would have to say, uh, I say [Notorious B.I.G.'s] Life After Death. And then I will say a toss up between [Andre 3000's] The Love Below and [OutKast's] Aquemini. That's five" (The Source)

He also gave an honorable mention to his Young boss, Lil Wayne's Tha Carter 2.

"And then that's without....that's life changing. That's without, you know, Carter 2 and other things that pushed me to rap. Those were definitive albums that opened my sound. Oh, and Snoop Dogg, Doggystyle. Those were just definitive albums that opened my mind to sound and melody and cadences and flows and you know. Those were like really important to me." (The Source)

Last winter, Drizzy named Miami rapper Rick Ross' Teflon Don 2010 summer LP as the year's best.

"Favorite album of this year," Drake said in an interview, "[I'd say] Rick . Rick Ross had the best album of this year, yeah. Phenomenal album." (Billboard)

In summer 2010, the rap star named his Top 5 favorite rappers.

Lil Wayne: It's hard as a rapper not to become repetitive, and he always has a new way to make it fun. Andre 3000: If I wasn't myself, I would want to be that guy! Kanye West: I've never been so moved by a person's entire career. He's the guy I'll tell my kids about. Nas: He influenced this album a lot. I had to break down how he raps. Jay-Z: You look at [other] rappers from his era, and they couldn't transcend generations. But he's still completely relevant. (All Things Fresh)

Drake's Take Care album drops Tuesday, November 15th.

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