Young Money's Drake made sure to pay homage to the man who brought him into this world by tattooing his father, Dennis Graham, onto his body and sharing the ode publicly.

Drizzy showed off his latest ink job of a younger version of his dad this week via Instagram.

Drake took to Instagram to share with us his new tattoo. Drake visits Mark Mahoney's Shamrock Social Club and get's a mini portrait from a mugshot of Drake's dad Dennis Graham by Dr. Woo. (XXL Mag)

Coincidentally, last January Drizzy paid homage to a couple of late family members with tattoos.

Is this week "Young Money's National Get Tatted Week"??, first Lil Wayne gets a tat on his forehead, now Drake gets one across his back, however Drake's is more sensible. The rapper is showing respect to a couple of family members in the form of new ink. Drake went under the needle in honor of his uncle and grandmother. The images tattooed on his back, of his uncle who he credits for a lot of his success and his grandmother Evelyn Sher, who helped raised him, she recently passed away thanksgiving of 2012. Drake has shown his appreciation for them before on a track titled "Look what you've done" off his "Take Care" album. (Gossip Daily)

A few years ago, Drizzy added late R&B icon Aaliyah to his body.

Drake may have the flimsiest hand in Hip-Hop, yet the rapper keeps a firm grip as he flexes in this new gym shot. The Young Money superstar has been working up a sweat as he prepares to take his 'Club Paradise' tour on the road, sharing his progress with fans on picture platform, Instagram. Kudos on the svelte physique, but those tattoo's (Aaliyah one included). No. (That Grape Juice)

Earlier this year, Drake talked about his reserved feelings toward his Memphis roots.

"I kind of refused to address my real thing that I have there, which is vast family," said Drake, who addresses how success has put distance between himself and his Memphis kinfolk on "Too Much." "It's always going to be tough--it was tough during the video. You want to see everybody do well... Instead of running from it, I just embraced it and shot this incredible, beautiful video with my beautiful family and helped out as many people as I could while I was there. Now I can't wait to go back." (VIBE)

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