Eminem Better Than Biggie Lyrically, Lady Luck Says by DANIELLE HARLING

Eminem Better Than Biggie Lyrically, Lady Luck Says

Lady Luck speaks on comments she made in 2011 about Eminem being “better than” The Notorious B.I.G.

During an interview with Vlad TV, Englewood, New Jersey rapper Lady Luck revisited comments she made about The Notorious B.I.G. and Eminem, during a radio interview in 2011. According to Vlad TV interviewer Star, Lady Luck stated that “Eminem is better than Big,” during an interview on The Star And Buc Wild Show years ago.

Lady Luck went on to defend her comments, stating that she “was speaking from a lyrical standpoint” with her remarks about the two rappers. She clarified that she didn’t labelEminem the better rapper or better emcee, but did confirm that Em would be her choice as the most lyrical.

“I was speaking from a lyrical standpoint,” Lady Luck said. “I was speaking about how vast Eminem’s subject matter is. And he has mastered the English language. So, as far as Biggie is concerned, Biggie’s music reached a certain amount of people. And his stories—I loved his stories. I didn’t say a better rapper or a better emcee, but lyrically. If I found an Eminem notebook and I found a Biggie notebook, I would be blown away more [by Eminem]…Of course, we heard their voice. So, Biggie could kill a beat way better than Eminem on certain things…Different strokes for different folks.”

The rapper then spoke on battle rap while speaking on being lyrical, but not always having the right delivery.

“I’m not confusing anybody,” she said. “If we’re rappers and we’re sitting here, the way you put your shit together—Just like some of these rappers in the battle league. They be saying hot lines, but the way they give it to the people. The way they deliver it it may not be taken the way it’s supposed to be taken. So, I’m saying the way he puts his words together, his metaphors, his lines, I feel like is better than what Biggie did at the time.”

Lady Luck’s interview with Vlad TV can be found below.

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