Fabolous Laughs Off Stolen Lamborghini, Marijuana Bust Rumors

Fabolous has broken his silence on being accused of taking part in a high-profile Lamborghini heist earlier this year and playfully labeled the claims as rumors.

Writing via Twitter, Fab also revealed his run-in with police Friday (November 27) morning.

"On my way 2 Promenade.. Got pulled over but we on the move now..," Fab wrote. "Cops pull us over & say "do u know u were speedin?" I said "Yeah, we're in a rush!" Lol.. He didn't find that funny.. Smh Good thing I decided 2 leave the stolen lambo wit the 500 pounds of weed in it home! Lol #f*ckrumors." (Fabolous' Twitter)

Reports last week claimed Fab and his entourage were at the scene of a stolen Lambo situation last January in Georgia.

Channel 2 Action News consumer investigator Jim Strickland, who first broke the story last year, obtained surveillance video from the Intercontinental showing how the 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, one of only two brought in the United States, was taken. "The bellman gave the keys to the wrong person. It was a mistake," said an attorney representing Eric Vargosko, the car's rightful owner. Vargosko said he learned that his car was missing from the hotel's valet lot when it came time to check out. Sources confirmed to Channel 2 Action News that around 5 a.m. on Jan. 31, rapper Fabolous and his entourage left the Intercontinental. (WSBTV News)

A statement regarding the case was also released from attorney Paul Howard.

"We were informed by the Atlanta Police Department that detectives gained information regarding the location of this vehicle by promising counsel for Fabolous that if he told them where the vehicle could be found, the State would not pursue charges. The District Attorney was not a party to this agreement. We have never spoken with this individual or anyone connected with him, including his counsel. We were only made aware of this agreement by APD after they located the vehicle. After discovering the vehicle, the police, in direct contradiction to the promise that was made, asked our office to assist them with this criminal investigation by obtaining certain Grand Jury testimony. To ask my office to participate after the promise was made, in my opinion, directly violates the agreement made to the party who provided the information. (Statement)

Fab previously discussed his alleged involvement in a 500 pound marijuana bust from earlier this year.

"If I was to send 500 pounds from one side of the country to another, I think I would have to be hands on to do that," Fab explained. "I took another experience from it to how now this media era, they love to attach a name to certain stories to sensationalize a story, so I think once the guy said any kinda name, it stuck. And the media ran with it and even though I read the story myself and it said at the end of the story, the cops questioned both of the guys involved and their stories wasn't adding up. It seemed like lies, or made up stories, but people still ran with it. Now I got people asking 'Fab, what's up with those pounds?'" (Street Heat)

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