Well, it finally happened -- marijuana k#lled a man. The good news is the poor bastard did not die from smoking it, but rather, as the result of an occupational hazard: A half ton of weed he was transporting across Brazil crushed him in an automobile accident.

According to reports, the man, who has yet to be identified, was indiscreetly smuggling 1,000-pounds of marijuana in the backseat of his car on an apparent suicidal thrill ride from Soa Paulo to Mato Grosso de Sul.

As you can imagine, it did not take long before the Federal Highway Patrol got wind of his felonious escapades and set up a roadblock as a means to try to shut him down.

Instead, the culprit decided to take authorities on high-speed, three-mile hell ride, which ultimately cost him his life after he lost control of the vehicle, crashed into a tree and was literally grudge humped by a lethal dose of marijuana bricks.

Man, we’ve had to buckle our seatbelts to smoke some dope in our day, but we’ve never had any !! that required airbags.

As you probably guessed, police confiscated what was left of the man’s car and his k#ller marijuana. Yet, despite the tragic events of the day, we would be willing to bet there was one hell of a party, that night, somewhere in Brazil.

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