Flo Rida Goes Low, Low, Low, Busted For Lying To Judge

Miami rapper Flo Rida is reportedly getting slapped with a $7,000 fine for lying to a judge in relation to a current lawsuit involving a former employee.

According to reports, the music hitmaker lied when asked why he did not address a legal matter on time.

Flo Rida is learning the hard way -- it's never a good idea to lie in court ... and now a judge is ordering him to cough up $7k for his deceitful ways. Problem is, Flo originally didn't respond to the suit in time and later told a judge it was because he was never served papers -- claiming they went to a woman named Stephany Nelson, whom he didn't know -- and the address listed for him was incorrect. Turns out, his excuses were big, fat LIES ... Flo later copped to the address originally listed and admitted that Nelson was actually an employee of his.  In other words, his original statements were total fabrications. Caught red-handed, the judge said the rapper's deception was "premeditated" and ordered him to pay Mahogany $7k for her attorney fees. (TMZ)

The legal situation stems from an alleged ex-worker claiming she was paid unfair wages.

Flo Rida has been ordered to help pay a former assistant's fees in their ongoing legal battle after a judge discovered he had misled court officials. The rapper was sued by Mahogany Miller, who claimed she was fired as the star's administrative assistant less than a day after complaining about her hours and pay. Flo Rida's attorney hit back at the suit, insisting she was never officially hired and worked as an unpaid volunteer who only received expenses. (CBS 42)

Flo's lawsuit made mainstream headlines once it went public last February.

According to the lawyer, she was unqualified for an official position, so Flo took her under his wing as an intern-type worker -- occasionally paying for her lunches or gas money, but nothing was ever guaranteed. What's more -- Flo's lawyer says the rapper didn't fire Miller because she asked for money ... he fired her because her "behavior was inappropriate for the workplace environment." He wouldn't specify why. (102 Jamz Orlando)

Immediately following the allegations, Flo stepped forward to defend his image.

This is ridiculous that I gave someone an opportunity out of the goodness of my heart and now sadly I am being falsely targeted." (Statement)

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