Former Ruff Ryders rapper Jin is putting on for his hometown New York Knicks by releasing a new anthem record for overnight sensation Jeremy Lin who has been posting NBA record-breaking numbers over the past week.

"I saw this interview about a year ago. Maybe it's the Asian American connection combined with the fact that at the time I was taking steps on my own spiritual path as well, but I was just super inspired. Later on, as Jeremy landed a spot on the Warriors, I had the notion to work on a song inspired by him. Interesting how God works.. The Warriors track never got released cause I couldn't get it to a point where I was comfortable with the overall direction of the song.. and next thing you know J gets released from the team. As he continues on his path to Houston and then ultimately the Knicks, I think it's safe to say that countless amount of us are continuously inspired and uplifted by what God is doing in this brothers life.. His story and I'm sure many of ours can attest that like the song says, "HE always come thru in the nick of time."" (Channel APA)

On the record, Jin makes multiple references to a higher power.

"Yes I'm really here to serve You not just pretend to /with each setback I intend to /learn from experience and get better with time /no matter what I achieve none of the credit is mine /in the grand scheme of things You're the head of design /and in any circumstance You said I'll be fine /the ultimate play maker I follow Your lead /never find need to feed into these naysayers /who repeatedly told me that I would never make /You're probably testing me to see if I could take it /the bond between us they could never break it /all that You have given me I shall not forsake it /Your grace patience and all of Your love /which one don't I deserve it's all the above /where amazing happens I love this game /only one reason I'm playing and God is His name" ("Nick of Time")

Since last week, Lin has put up career-high numbers and set NBA records.

Jeremy Lin is playing like he's here to stay in the NBA. After riding the bench and watching his teammates, Lin finally got an opportunity to ball when big-money players Carmelo Anthonyand Amare Stoudemire were out commission. All the former Harvard player has done is set league records and instantly become a national sensation. Lin has scored at least 20 points, gotten five assists and has shot over 50 percent from the field in his last four games. The only other player to do that in the NBA is LeBron James. (Yahoo News)

As a result of his superstar gameplay, New York Knicks' ticket prices have reportedly gone up.

The Lakers and Kobe Bryant are rolling into Manhattan this Friday night to take on the Knicks. Normally, with Amar'e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony on the bench, most would be focusing on Kobe's Jordanesque dominance at the Garden. But, with Linsanity in full effect, the matchup has turned into a much hyped and most likely, sold out affair. Thanks to Jeremy Lin's emergence, tickets for the game have skyrocketed as everyone is trying to get a look at the current toast of the town. Our friends over at TiqIQ have informed us that Knicks tickets have increased 27 percent from an average of $407 to $517 since Lin's first big game against the Nets last weekend. The cheapest ticket available for Friday night's game is $135--all the way up in Section 417. Linsanity, indeed. (SLAM Online)

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