Freeway Discusses Chinx’s Passing, Meeting Freddie Gray’s Family & Roc-A-Fella Reunion by HENRY MANSELL

Freeway Discusses Chinx’s Passing, Meeting Freddie Gray’s Family & Roc-A-Fella Reunion

“Nobody wants to lose somebody to something so senseless,” Freeway says in light of Chinx’s murder. “Rest in peace to him.”

During a newly published interview with BET, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania rapper Freeway spoke on what it was like meeting with Freddie Gray’s family in light of the 25-year old’s death on April 19.

“It was, you know, surreal,” Freeway says. “I got there early in the morning before the cameras and security and all that was out there. I went to their hood, I went to their projects. I was with Freddie’s cousin, godbrother. I walked through their neighborhood and listened to some of the issues that they had. Basically, it was just talking to the people. It was good to get their point of view of everything, telling me how the media was blowing everything up making it seem like just a bunch of people going crazy. They were telling me that, if you notice, the main thing that the people were stealing when they were looting was basic necessities. Like, they were stealing clothes and water and food — stuff that they need.”

Later in the conversation, Freeway addressed the passing of Coke Boys rapper Chinx, who wasshot and killed in Jamaica, Queens early Sunday morning.

“Yeah, that’s crazy, man,” he says. “Rest in peace to Chinx Drugz. It’s definitely at an all time high. There is no way in a world that an artist…we do this to get out of the streets and get away from the negativity and the violence. He shouldn’t even be in a position where his life is on the line, you know? It’s crazy. He’s got people who depend on him that he cares about. He has children, he has parents and family members that care about him. Nobody wants to lose somebody to something so senseless. Rest in peace to him. I pray that everybody in his family is all right.”

On a more positive note, Freeway addressed what it was like to appear alongside his fellow Roc-A-Fella Records artists at Jay Z’s much-hyped “Tidal X: Jaÿ-Z B-Sides” concert over the weekend.

“Aw man, it felt like a million bucks,” Freeway says about reuniting with Jay Z and Beanie Sigel onstage. “It was a great feeling to be back out there with my brothers and rock out with the fam. It almost brought a tear to my eye. That was the foundation that I built my career on. It was a great feeling. I know the fans appreciate it, because everywhere I go they ask, ‘Wassup with the Roc? When are y’all getting back together? When y’all doin’ this? When y’all doin’ that?’ So for us to get back together to perform was a great thing.”

When asked about a possible Roc reunion, Freeway says he’s pushing for it.

“I mean, just stay tuned. Hopefully we get some more in, and hopefully this is the relaunch of a Dynasty. Hopefully. [laughs] I’m pushin’ for it!”

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