Freeway Ricky Ross Questions Jay Z's Street Authenticity


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After taking aim at Rick Ross for allegedly jacking his hip-hop alias over the past few years, former drug kingpin Freeway Ricky Ross has now placed his sights on music mogul Jay Z.

In a new interview, Ross notes Jay's recent Vanity Fair cover feature and a reference to selling drugs during his pre-fame days.

"I'm just out here pounding the concrete, been in Orlando and just left Detroit hitting these high schools up really letting them know about these dudes out here who are faking talking about they sold dope and its so corny. I was just reading on the airplane the other day in Vanity Fair with Jay-Z in it talking about that he sold crack. I was just reading it and it was so corny. These dudes just don't keep it 100. They was good boys and went to and got and somebody gave them a good job and they doin' alright. Everybody wanna be D-Boyz but they don't have real D-Boy stories. When you read what they said it looks like a news reporter wrote it for them." ("murk Master Music Show")

Freeway also noted how much real time he paid to the penal system for his drug dealing ways.

"That's crazy that you said that but they are excepted by everybody. These people let them go and talk to their kids and the President of the United States will invite them to the White House, but with me I did 20 years in prison and I am telling them to not sell drugs and you gotta try to make it a better way," he added. "When I sold dope I believed that it was cool at that time to sell dope and I don't feel like that anymore and that's why I do what I do right now. ... I believe [rapper Rick Ross] is being financed by the police union and keeps spreading bull!! to the youngsters so they can keep filling up the penitentiaries because he ain't selling no music but they keep putting him on the radio and putting out all these big expensive videos but he ain't selling no music so somebody is shootin' off money. I believe its the police union behind it." ("murk Master Music Show")

Freeway Ricky Ross Takes Shots At Jay Z: "These Dudes Just Don't Ke...

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