Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne helped take fans' minds off Game's recent detainment in Canada by surprising them with an unexpected guest appearance at his Los Angeles "I Am Still Music" show last night.

Surprising fans, Wayne brought out Game to perform their "My Life" collaboration.

Game surprised L.A. fans when he reappeared onstage during Lil  "I Am Still Music" tour in Los Angeles on Friday (April 22). Earlier this week, the Compton rapper was detained by Canadian officials after traveling to the country, and was still thought to be in custody. So when he set foot onstage at the Staples Center, the crowd went wild. The "Red Nation" leader and Weezy performed their 2008 collaboration "My Life." "Happy to be home !!! S/O to @liltunechi for lettin a n!gga rock out," he tweeted after being welcomed back by his hometown. (Rap-Up)

Earlier this week, Game revealed what went down in Canada.

"This just in: I'm being detained in Canada for 14 days until they process my inadmissability then I'll have a hearing heard by a judge," Game tweeted April 20th.
"At that point the judge will decide to either deport me or give me a sentence for violating Canada's immigrant entry laws."
"F%cked up situation !!! But at least they let me call home, &tweet before they lock a n!gga up !!! Gotta turn in my property, y'all be kool"
"Gotta give up my phone & property. This some straight bullsh*t ! Flew all the way from LA to be denied and detained ?!?! WTF" (Game's Twitter)

Later reports claim Game's criminal background forced his detainment.

A rep for Substance Entertainment Group -- the promotion company behind Game's tour in Canada -- tells TMZ, the tour promoter got a call from Canadian Customs while Game was on the plane on his way to Canada. We're told customs informed the promoter that Game would be denied entry "due to new information received that Game is affiliated with organized crime and is an active member of the Bloods street gang." The rep claims Game was blindsided by the last-minute red flag -- telling us, concert organizers had secured all permits and approval weeks ago to get Game into the country. (TMZ)

The Canada promoters have since released a statement on the incident.

"We as the Canadian promoters for the "Red Nation" tour featuring hip-hop artist The Game, completed all necessary work permits and paperwork to allow him entry into Canada," explained The Substance Group in a new statement. "The past criminal history of The Game was never addressed in conversation with Canadian officials and at no point was that the issue for his denied entry," read the statement. "Customs insisted the reason was strictly his current gang affiliations." (All Hip Hop

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