Mobb Deep's Havoc recently elaborated on patching up past animosity between his camp and fellow Queensbridge, New York rap veteran Nas and how they managed to come together to make music once again.

From Hav's perspective, their past friendship and Prodigy recently returning from a three-year jail sentence was reason enough to link back up with Nas.

"When P came home, it was in our head like, yo, we really need to sew up that relationship because we were all cool once upon a time," he said in an interview. "What a waste of friendship it is to not be cool anymore. It's stupid. We older now, so we reached out to Nas. He was receptive to it, and it was like friends all over again. It was like we never stopped speaking. So we did the 'Dog Sh*t' song. To me, it's a hip-hop classic, but it'll take a couple of years to become that. That's what came out of it. So doing Rock The Bells, we're gonna drag him out, bring him back on stage with us, and he could leave after that." (Hip Hop DX)

A couple weeks ago, Nas opened up about receiving an unexpected truce phone call from Prodigy.

"He called me as soon as he got out of jail; he got in touch with me," Nas explained in an interview. "We talked about some things. I didn't know he had a book. He didn't tell me that. I guess he just wanted to clear the air on some past things that don't mean anything today...I just jumped on the ['Dog Sh*t'] record; put that to the past or whatever ill feelings he had towards me. I think he was misinformed about things, like I was a negative guy or like I was trying to harm him in any kind of way. I think maybe he just grew up a little bit." (MTV)

Last month, P described how he managed to get Nas on their "Dog Sh*t" collaboration despite the rap star being on the road.

"He was actually on tour with Ky-Mani Marley, so we sent it through the email. We did a couple other joints. Because you know, back when we were coming up, The Infamous and our early albums, that was what we did. We recorded songs with the home team, and Nas was part of the home team. It was only right that we bring that feeling back. You can never go back to a time and try to recreate that sound because that time is done. But you can bring some of the feeling and that nostalgia back by reminding people what n*ggas was about, and how n*ggas is a team. That's what we did, and it's coming out crazy man." (Complex)

A few weeks ago, P hinted at his reconciled relationship with the fellow Queens, New  native.

"We've beent talking since I've been home," P told DJ Whoo Kidreferring to Nas. "We put that to the side to do this music. This music is crazy right now that we're working on. We did a couple of joints, you know what I'm saying? It's coming out crazy, man. The music is more important than anything, all the little petty bullsh*t, you know what I'm saying? So we good on that...It was all love, because n*ggas came up together. So it's nothing but love when we see each other..." (Radio Planet TV)

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