Ice Cube "I Am The West" Tracklist Reveals Semi-Westside Connection Reunion

The tracklisting to Ice Cube's upcoming I Am The West album has leaked and shows guest appearances from the rapper's Westside Connection member WC.

According to reports, the rapper's new solo effort will feature 16 records.

1. A Boy Was Conceived 2. Soul On Ice
3. Life In Ft. Jayo & WC
4. She Couldnt Make It On Her Own Ft. OMG & Doughboy
5. Urbanian
6. Y'all Know How I Am Ft. OMG, WC, Doughboy & Maylay
7. Too West Coast Ft. WC & Maylay
8. I Rep That West
9. Drink The Kool-Aid
10. No Country For Young Men
11. It Is What It Is
12. Hood Robbin
13. Your Money Or Your Life
14. Nothin' Like L.A.
15. All Day, Everyday
16. Fat Cat (Rap Radar)

Earlier this month, Cube confirmed that his follow-up to 2008's Raw Footage was finalized.

"It's Complete!," he wrote this week. "I Am The West is done! See you Sept. 28th." (Ice Cube's Blog)

Earlier this month, Cube said that his former N.W.A. groupmate Dr. Dre would not appear on the project despite initial speculation.

"I'm almost done with my record, I AM THE WEST. I've been mixing songs and dealing with paperwork all week and I'm down to my last 4 songs to
mix. It's bangin'. I think we'll end up wit about 15 songs when it's all
said and done and I'm real happy wit it. As a matter of fact, I'm in
the Lench Mob Studios writing this blog right now. I'm going to Philly
in the morning to promoteLottery Ticket. I get a lot of love in
Philly...Go Mike Vick! Many asked about Dr. Dre working on my album.
Negative, Dre has been M.I.A. for a few months now. I asked Snoop has he
heard from him and he said, no. I can't wait. I gotta turn my sh*t in
by Aug. 20th to make street date...Sept 28th. I'll keep you posted if
anythang new develops." (Ice Cube)

Despite not linking with Dre for his album, Cube recently said he would be featured on the producer's upcoming Detox project.

"Dre is a master. What's cool about working with Dre is he stays the same. Everyone else change and trip, but I remember working
with Dre back when we just in the garage. Just the two of us. And he
works the same way. Don't come up with an empty palette, bring a lot of
ideas to the plate...He's making a great record. I'm on it. I'm proud to
be, I can't wait to get back to L.A. to get back in the studio with
him. I'm trying to get a few tracks for my record I Am The West that's coming out..." (All Hip Hop)

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