Former Murder Inc. CEO Irv Gotti has clarified speculation on being anti-Def Jam and wanting to takeover the historic label's presidential vacancy after numerous controversial remarks last fall.

"It caused a buzz, and I want people to know I didn't start the whole 'Irv Gotti for president' thing; the people did," the former Def Jam A&R told MTV News as he walked the red carpet at the reopening of Jay-Z's 40/40 Club in Manhattan last week. "It was a crazy thing, and it was all good." It doesn't seem like Def Jam brass will put Irv in the big chair, but Gotti is appreciative of the support he has gotten from the hip-hop community. "Everybody was riding. It was a lot of love," he said last week. "Everybody felt what I was saying and was riding." (MTV)

Recently, Gotti offered his take on why Def Jam is in dire need of a president.

"Def Jam ain't f*cking with me, I'm too much of a n*gga," Gotti said in an interview. "Yeah. [laughs] As quoted. I mean, Def Jam, I shouldn't even comment on it because it gets me angry because there hasn't been a president since [Jay-Z], really. It's a terrible thing because it's so important to the culture and it's like they're just letting it go away, they ain't paying any attention to it. I'm from Hollis, Queens so Def Jam was my inspiration to have Murder Inc. and just for them to not have no one being president there, even after we hoot and hollered, I wanted it so bad, not even for the money or nothing. I just love the culture and Def Jam is the light of the culture. So to have no one there, the powers that be don't care. They don't care about my culture. I don't want to talk about it. Please retract the n*gga statement." (The Source)

In October, the label's co-founder Russell Simmons said Irv is one of the few music executives he could see running the label.

The business mogul and co-founder of the historic hip-hop label told that he thinks the Murder Inc founder would be one of three candidates fit for the job. "I like Irv," Simmons said. "I'd co-sign him. I like a lot of people lobbying. I like Irv, I like [DJ] Khaled. I'd co-sign [Violator Management President] Chris Lighty. These three people, I'd co-sign any of them in a second." Gotti hasn't been shy about throwing his name in the mix for the job, persistently mentioning that he would be the right man for the gig over the last few months. (XXL Mag)

Last fall, Gotti revealed his aim and strive to become Def Jam president.

"I wanted to speak on this because I love the hip-hop culture with a deep, deep passion," Gotti said in an interview. "Def Jam is the light of that culture; Def Jam personifies the hip-hop culture. There is no other hip-hop label like Def Jam...If you don't want to hire me -- the best man for the job, the man who will die for it --cool, I understand. You think I'm Suge Knight, you think the feds may come in here again if you hire me, cool...Put somebody in there, because you not giving any sign or any indication that you care about my culture." (RapFix)

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