Jay-Z Credits Dame Dash & Talks Clothing Brand, "Our Goal Is To Make Rocawear A $1 Billion Company"

Jay-Z recently discussed the motivation behind his successful Rocawear clothing line and credited his former associate Damon "Dame" Dash for building the company's foundation.

While Dame initially laid the groundwork in 1999, Hov said he has taken the brand to new heights.

"Dame did a great job when he was here," Hov said in an interview. "I just feel that I have a different way of running things, which I think is working out well. I let people make mistakes, and push them to be creative. I let a design team design. When they feel good about something they have created, it makes them want to do more. It makes them want to do their best. People are happy here. I'm not a controlling manager and I have a great team that makes me confident that things can run well when I'm on the road, and I'm proud of that...Our goal is to make Rocawear a $1 billion company," he said. "It may take us more time than we would like since the economy is in the shape that it's in, but I'm confident that we will get there." (Women's Wear Daily)

Former Roc-A-Fella artist Beanie Sigel recently accused Dash and Jay of shady business practices with Rocawear and his own clothing line, State Property.

"The clothing line that I had, I had 20 percent of State Property clothing, it's me, Jay, Dame [Dash] and the two other Russians that had the Rocawear owned State Property because I gave them an idea, pitched it to Dame at the time -- [Dame] was taking all the money from Rocawear and putting it into all his little companies, he did the same thing to State Property." (Power 99 FM)

Speaking in one of the video trailers for Rocawear's 10th Anniversary, Memphis Bleek opened up about his first run-in with Hov's brand.

"Where was I when I first heard of Rocawear?," Bleeks says in the video. "We was on the Hard Knock Life Tour and Dame Dash and Jay and them brought out some blue denim jean jackets with the gold, original Rocafella 'R.' I have a copy of one in my house still. So I say, we were on tour when I first heard about it and my most memorable Rocawear moment, had to be in Africa. The Africa photoshoot, that was over the top." (Rocawear 10th Anniversary Campaign)

Jay previously spoke about working with Spike Lee for the clothing line's 10th Anniversary advertisement last September.

"The commercial is about Rocawear, what we meant to the culture and the aspiration to maintain and be around for 10 years," Jay revealed in an interview. "So this guy, he's in advertisement, and he's in Rocawear, and he goes through the day as if he's Jay-Z. He looks out the window, in his mind -- because he's aspiring to make his own Rocawear -- there's a group of people outside and they're waving to him. As he walks away, reality sets in. Someone looks out the window, and no one's out there. He gets on the elevator, and he's thinking people are asking him for autographs; no one's there. He's on his way to building his empire, but he has Rocawear on, and that's a start. So he feels as if he's successful already...Spike Lee is one of the most important directors of our time...He gave us a voice and perspective in Do the Right Thing that touched on racial relations in Brooklyn and all these movies we grew up on that were so important to our growth." (MTV)

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