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This past Monday, Jim Jones of the Diplomats caused a little bit of a stir after sending out a controversial tweet that many may have believed were directed at Lil’ Wayne. On August 29th, Jones tweeted “So these rappers and RnB singers started gang bangin’ and claiming blood after they’ve made millions? WTF , where they do that at?” Jones continued and made his seemingly vague tweet a little bit clearer when he stated “Real men don’t wear spandex, smh lol.”

In an interview with TheSource.com yesterday, Jim Jones elaborated a little bit more on his thoughts on that tweet and on twitter in general. “See that’s the funny thing about Twitter, man. Everybody always[..]umes something,” Jones said laughingly. “ I say what I want to say and always have. To me Twitter is also a form of entertainment and I know some people have to make a living off of writing and blogging about that !!, so I ain’t knocking them for that. But about that actual tweet, I didn’t directly aim that at anybody and anyone who knows me knows if I got something to say about somebody I’m going to say it. But if people feel a certain way I always say if that shoe fits, wear it, ya’ dig?”

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