Weeks after the shocking passing of Three 6 Mafia founder Lord Infamous, original group member Juicy J has reflected on his legacy and whether or not there are plans to celebrate his memory.

In the Juice Man's perspective, there was something unique and special about Infamous.

"He was a genius. He was like a brother to me. We all came up together as youngin's. It's sad. He was always a loving, caring, and giving person. He wasn't all about the money. He was about the music and the group. It was insane. He loved coming up with ideas and being in the studio every day making records with us. ... He could sing, he had different kind of styles and different flows in his rap. That's what stuck out the most." (Complex)

The Memphis rap veteran also admitted there were no immediate plans to celebrate his memory.

"We haven't talked about it but I'm definitely down to do something. He's definitely one of the legends, one of the greats, he will definitely be missed. I love that group. I came up with that group and I'll do anything for that group." (Complex)

Despite his untimely demise, Three 6 Mafia's DJ Paul recently said he looked at the positive side of how Infamous' life ended.

"I'm just happy he passed away peacefully," DJ Paul said in an interview. "He got a chance to see his fortieth birthday, got a chance to see the group back together and everything and he was just real happy. He was real happy when he passed away and that's the best thing in the world. It couldn't have came at a better time. I'm glad it came before all the crew came back together. It happened at the right time. He got a chance to see all of his dreams come true. Me and him and [Gangsta] Boo and everybody back in the studio and he always wanted to see that 'cause all of us grew up together 'cause we was all like 14, 15 and he was happy to see that." (HHDX)

After widespread speculation, Paul revealed medical complications contributed to Infamous' shocking passing last month.

Rapper Ricky Dunigan, known by the stage name Lord Infamous, died of a heart attack in Memphis at the age of 40, fellow members of Three 6 Mafia said. Dunigan, a founding member of the group, died in his sleep Friday night at his mother's home, DJ Paul told The Hollywood Reporter. "He said he was tired, he wanted to sleep," Paul said. "He sat down at the kitchen table, put his head in his arms to lay down ... to get some sleep." Paul said Dunigan's mother was not home at the time and discovered her son dead at the table when she returned. (UPI)

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