Just Blaze Clowns Kelis' Fashion Steez, "Hi Nas, Show That Pic To The Judge"

Producer Just Blaze has taken a few shots toward Nas' estranged wife/singer, Kelis, through his Twitter page.

Referring to a recent photograph featuring Kelis wearing platform shoes, Blaze poked fun at her similarity to film maker James Cameron's sci-fi thriller Avatar.

"Hi nas, this month's 50k went towards a failed attempt at the seduction of James Cameron. Leme know if you need her offed mkay? -J Hi nas, this month's 50k paid 4 an attempt @ the seduction of Jim Cameron. Leme know if you need her offed mkay? Hi nas, show that pic to the judge and all will be okay. She'll be paying YOU alimony. beauty of it is she'll have to get the money by dress'n up as a Na'vi flapper and Slave Leia @ titty bars when the Trekkie-con is in town U see them boots? This broad got a camel toe and 2 matchin plastic hoofs She prolly in central park right now tryina plug her hair into a tree. She's circling baseline right now on her bird... Imagine that. A bird on her bird. Is that going to cause a rift in the time/space continuum? She prolly throwin it at sam worthington to get that unobtanium ring. Then she gone kick him out the tree and melt it down. Told y'all she was circling baseline on that damn bird. Secuity cameras got her "I'm sorry. I must get back to the yard.. The boys are waiting" (Just Blaze's Twitter)

New York City radio veteran Funkmaster Flex recently taunted Kelis and her relationship with Nas.

"No dissrespect but kelly rolland is not going to pop also! Kellis played herself too!!! She's crazy for sh*tiing on nas. She was finished before nas gave her a life.What was she thinking." (Funkmaster Flex's Twitter)

Nas and Kelis are currently undergoing legal issues.

UPDATE: 7:54 PM PT The judge just ordered Nas to pay $40,454 in spousal support and $10,647 in child support. And, Nas must pay disso-queen Laura Wasser's attorney's fees, to the tune of $46,022. Nas has just taken the stand in his divorce case, testifying that he wants overnights with his son. Kelis has custody for now, but Nas' lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, wants his client to score some face time with the kid. (TMZ)

Beyond her current court battle with Nas, Kelis has joined Interscope Records to jump-start her music career.

After much speculation following the release of a song titled "Acapella" on the Internet last week, singer-songwriter Kelis has announced that she has signed to Interscope Records through Will.i.am Music Group. "I love that I am now a new part of the Interscope family," Kelis said via a statement. "2010 is around the corner and I can't wait to put out new music and spend time with real music fans on tour again." (Billboard)

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