Kanye West Left RocNation Management & Rihanna's single's are bricking due to Jay-Z's tidal

Jay Z’s fledgling entry into the premium-streaming wars continues to be the object of a derision around the music business, with one prominent attorney asking everyone he runs into, “Are they saying Kaddish at Tidal yet?” Nonetheless, the majors hope that Tidal succeeds. At the same time, some industry observers are questioning whether Jay Z has his financing together yet, and if not, where did he get the money to pay the licensing fees to the rights holders?

On a related topic, why is Roc Nation’s Rihanna’s “American Oxygen” not exploding at retail? The track sold a meager 7k last week. Is it possible the botched Tidal launch put that big a stink on the record? But the Rihanna-Tidal relationship is pressing on, according to a recent rumor, which has the struggling service getting a window of exclusivity on her forthcoming album, tentatively titled R8. In other action, Kanye West has left Roc Nation for management, inside sources say.

Source: hitsdailydouble

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