Lil B Discusses Support Of Bernie Sanders For President by VICTORIA HERNANDEZ

Lil B Discusses Support Of Bernie Sanders For President

The rapper endorses Sanders over Hillary Clinton.

Lil B declared his support for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders last month. He spoke with CNN about why he endorses the senator from Vermont.

"A lot of people started talking to me about Bernie Sanders and they're like, 'Hey, you need to pay attention to him,'" Lil B says. "This is out of all the candidates from Republican to Democratic. I started to pay attention a little bit more and really seeing that Bernie was a part of fighting against segregation. That was something that really touched my heart and I appreciated because most likely I don't think that was cool for him to do that back then, but he still marched. As well as I heard he was for free education, which is just, that makes me so happy because there's a lot of poor kids that might want to learn that actually do want to learn, but just like healthcare, people are scared to go to the doctor because the bill will be so expensive. I know for a fact if there's free education that will lower Black on Black crime and crime in general."

Sanders was involved in the Civil Rights Movement as a student at the University of Chicago. He was arrested in 1962 for putting up flyers raising awareness about police brutality and protesting public school segregation. He also participated in the March on Washington where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his "I Have a Dream" speech.

Elsewhere in the interview, Lil B is asked about the Black Lives Matter movement and how candidates should listen to the people. The rapper cites Sanders' behavior Saturday (August 8) when a campaign stop in Seattle was interrupted by a Black Lives Matter rally.

"I think he handled it very classy," Lil B says. "He didn't leave the stage. He let them speak. He was on stage with these ladies that felt the urgency to really speak. They were brave. There's a lot of issues in the African American community, the Black community, whatever you identify with and they need to be spoken about."

Despite Lil B's allegiance to Sanders, he says he still has respect for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

"Hillary Clinton is not cursed," he says. "I'll be continuing to watch and see, but no. All love to Hillary."

Lil B is known to put the Based God curse on people he removes his support from, including basketball players Kevin Durant and James Harden.

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