Lil B Says He's "Transphobic," Needs Help "To Accept" Them by PAUL MEARA

Lil B Says He's "Transphobic," Needs Help "To Accept" Them

Lil B says he doesn't love "men turned women" and needs help in understanding transgender individuals.

The Hip Hop community has seen its fair share of problems with homophobia and it's no surprise that some are having problems with transphobia as well.

Lil B, who is an open book on social mediawhen it comes to letting his political beliefs be known, recently did the same when it comes to accepting transgender individuals. He says he has no problem with those who are gay but is having trouble accepting "men turned women." He admits that he wants help with his views though and that he's willing to change.

"I am transphobic and I need help to learn to accept I'm scared because I'm not comfortable with my self I love u I love born girls," he said via Twitter yesterday (July 27). "I got love for the gays! I got love for humans I want to attract more good people and women that love me! Not men turned women :("

The Berkeley, California native says he's already received a lot of backlash for admitting this part of himself. He also says part of the reason he believes this is because he is struggling to overcome a lack of self-esteem.

"It's all about learning and and accepting and being comfortable with self I think I'm insecure," he continued. "I love everyone who loves and finds themselves and being gay is being brave! Just live ur life I'm not the judge ! Literally."

View all of Lil B's tweets below:

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