Lil Wayne Inks Short Dawg To Young Money, "It's All Love Over There"

Lil Wayne has signed Young Money associate Short Dawg to his record label after being affiliated with the rapper for over two years.
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Dawg promises to appear on the upcoming Young Money group debut project.

"I'm definitely on that album -- you know I gotta be on that thing," he said about appearing on the We Are Young Money compilation, due December 21. "It was an 'about time'-type thing," he added about officially signing. "We all been cool. Everybody's been seeing me. We all been hanging on tour buses, going out of town together. Me and Wayne did the 'Hurricane Season' movie together. We were out there in New Orleans together for, like, three months. Everybody embraced me. They were happy to have me over here with them. It's all love over there, one big strong family. All talented people." (MTV)

He also gave a few hints about what his upcoming album will be composed of.

"You gonna learn that I'm not just a rapper," he said about his LP. "I love alternative music. I give you a taste of my alternative side." In fact, one of his alter egos is Elvis Freshly. "Me and my creative thoughts came up with an alter ego ... something for the ladies," he said. "I got the blue suede shoes and everything. I ain't got no grease for the scalp to make my bangs come out though." (VH1)

Young Money President Mack Maine recently spoke on the roster of Lil Wayne's record label.

"As far as Cash Money, direction is everywhere," Maine said about the company. "Cash Money, Young Money it's [the same.] No feelings on [Wayne's bid.] We've been prepared. We've been prepared for whatever -- I could go back to the Cash Money question and the Jay Sean, Kevin Rudolf, Drake, Nicki Minaj, the top players in the genre, how could you ask for more? You got the NBA, you got your top players. All-Stars. Football All-Stars. We got legends that's gonna be in the Hall of Fame of music. If it's talent, we don't care where you from. It's not like we were looking for [Jay Sean], somebody turned Slim, Baby on, heard some of his music, saw some of his concerts, called him and was like, 'Why you not in the states yet?' because nobody knew him over there. It's like, we helped him and he helped us 'cause now we branching out way over there and getting some of his crowd." (Vlad TV)

Wayne recently spoke with DJ Drama about handling the multiple personalities on Young Money.

"[Young Money], we don't even have an album out," Wayne said about being appreciative of their buzz. "I just wanna say we respect everybody and we love everything everyone has done for us already. Love is the respect we get. Every time we step out and every time we do anything, we get mad support. I love 'em for that but I want 'em to know that we will, we will deliver." (YouTube)

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