Lil Wayne Reveals Top 3 Fave Mixtapes: "[Jay-Z] Called My House Phone When I Was Like A Teenager After I Did That"

Young Money leader Lil Wayne recently discussed his all-time three favorite mixtapes ranging from his teenage days up through his current self-proclaimed "Best Rapper Alive" status.

Weezy F. Baby said one of his top picks is 2009's No Ceilings mixtape.

"My top three favorites is, I think it was that SQ6 -- that's one of my top ones. That's where I'm rapping over that Jay-Z and Mya ['Best of Me' record]," Weezy said in an interview with DJ Drama. "Jay actually called my house phone when I was like a teenager after I did that song. ... No Ceilings, definitely and it'd have to be that Dedication, that Dedication 2." (Hot 107.9)

Back in 2009, New York rapper Fabolous credited Weezy's No Ceilings for reinspiring his mixtape grind.

"I guess it's particular artists that they attach to but I had felt even with the most high-class artists, people were getting so used to getting free music that the mixtape game wasn't that influential anymore," he said in an interview. "So when I seen what [Wayne's] No Ceilings did, it let me see that there's still definitely potential there, there's still that market there. I think for me it's definitely there because my albums tend to be a little more mainstream than my mixtapes." (Real Talk NY)

Mixtape maker The Empire previously talked about his popular Drought Is Over series and past issues with Lil Wayne.

"If I decided to call it quits with "The Empire", I wonder if I will be remembered? Some people credit me with the whole Lil Wayne explosion with my Drought Is Over series. I think that's what branded me the most. When I look back on it, was I doing something to help or did I just cause problems? I just feel like I took a opportunity that came across to me and jumped on it. I never expected it to get the cult following it has now. In the back of mind I hope that one day, Wayne would have reached out and acknowledged what I did for him and maybe want to do a official project with me, but I don't think that day will come anytime soon. SO whether its appreciated or not, I still continue to drop exclusives..." (Karen Civil)

A couple weeks ago, Wayne promised to deliver a Dedication 4 mixtape in August.

"Dedikation 4 komin next month.," he tweeted July 22nd. (Lil Wayne's Twitter)

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