CHICAGO, IL – Minister Louis Farrakhan, the longtime leader of the Nation of Islam, continued his connection to Hip Hop during a sermon in Chicago at the NOI’s Mosque Maryam, where he heaped praise on local hero Chance The Rapper and battle rap star Loaded Lux.

The sermon was part of the annual Saviours’ Day celebration on Feb. 26, which honors the birth of the NOI’s founder, Master Wallace Fard Muhammad. Over the course of the four-hour ceremony, Farrakhan covers plenty of ground including critiques of the American government and crime in urban environments.

The NOI’s Facebook page posted a portion of the address where Farrakhan spoke on Chance The Rapper’s Grammy Awards wins and also gave a little light to Loaded Lux. Before speaking of Chance and Lux, Farrakhan asked rappers in attendance to make their presence known ahead of launching into his praise.

“Chance? He a bad lil’ fella,” said Farrakhan to the crowd about Chance’s Grammy wins last month. “He won because he had a rap more significant, more acceptable, more revered by those who judge. So when you see Mr. Chance come back home, you might be a little arrogant, you don’t wanna give him his props.”

Farrakhan continued with, “See when you a rapper and somebody can spit it, somebody can take you to the mat in what they call freestyle, like what’s my man’s name? Loaded Lux!”

Lux and Farrakhan crossed paths in 2015. Lux shared a picture of their meeting with the caption “What a moment!”

The full Saviours’ Day address can be viewed here.