Lupe Fiasco Refuses To Salute The Flag: "You Don't Pledge Allegiance Yet"

Grammy-winning rapper Lupe Fiasco recently analyzed a controversial Food & Liquor 2 rap lyric where he admits not pledging allegiance to the and explained its true meaning.

According to Fiasco, the "Strange Fruition" bars stem from both how his parents raised him and his own .

"I don't know if I should speak on that, to be honest," a reluctant Lupe said on Wednesday's (September 26) "RapFix Live." Though he was a bit hesitant, Lupe went on to explain the song's lyrics, noting that his refusal to pledge allegiance to the nation's flag is partly due to his Muslim faith as well as his political views instilled in him by his parents. "My moms and my pops told us when we were little kids, 'You don't say the pledge of allegiance'," the rapper began to explain. "More from a religious kind of thing, halfway. You pledge your allegiance to God and that's it. Being Muslim and things like that, you don't pledge allegiance to no flag." (MTV)

On the record, Fiasco let's it be known he is not putting a hand across his heart to pledge allegiance.

"Now I can't pledge allegiance to your flag," Fiasco raps. 'Cause I can't find no reconciliation with your past/When there was nothing equal for my people in your math/You forced us in the ghetto and then you took our dads." ("Strange Fruition")

Last week, Fiasco spoke out about his resistance in vouching for President Barack Obama in the upcoming election.

"Obama need swing states and white people not radical rappers kissing his ass to win this election..,' he tweeted September 17th.
"If y'all stop bringing it to me I won't answer and y'all can be happy with y'all way of thinking and I can be happy with mine.. #LeeMeAlone"
"I vote for Grace Lee Boggs....put her on the ballot and i'd finance the campaign my d*mn self @realdlhughley do u even know who she is???" (Lupe Fiasco's Twitter)

Last year, the Chicago rap star raised eyebrows after revealing he does not get involved with elections.

"I don't vote. I don't get involved in the political process because it's meaningless, to be honest," Fiasco added. "I'm a real big believer if I'm gonna vouch for someone, then I'm gonna stand behind everything that they do...So politicians aren't gonna do that because I don't want you to bomb some village in the middle of nowhere." (CBS News)

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