Max B Speaks On Prison Life, Preparing For Second Appeal
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Max B speaks on the realities of prison life, and says he’s working hard on his case.
Max B is currently serving a 75-year sentence for his role in a a 2006 robbery which resulted in a [rip]. The rapper sent his girlfriend, Gina Conway, and his stepbrother, Kelvin Leerdam, to rob two men for $30,000 at a Holiday Inn in New Jersey. A man named David Taylor lost his life in the events that took place.
Max B checked in with AHH recently from prison, and gave out a warning to the hip-hop community that prison is no joke. Max B has already tried appealing his life-time sentence once, unsuccessfully, but he has not given up hope for a second appeal. He is currently working hard to prepare a case for the appeal.
The Dipset affiliate said, “It ain’t really nothing to glorify, it aint hip. Everyday is the same in the system. I’m just trying to go home. I’m working on my case, I’m reading case-law and I am in the library.”
Max also spoke on avoiding prison politics, and ultimately avoiding trouble, “I don’t really keep up with the prison politics or what’s going on around here, I ain’t into that, my thing is getting back to the streets doing what I do,” he said. “It ain’t nothing going on in here, just so you all know. This ain’t nothing sweet it’s real up in here, they trying to keep me, they trying to k!ll a nicca. They trying to k!ll me in here.”

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