Memphis Bleek Responds To Beanie Sigel's Diss, "I Just Seen Son At Powerhouse, Wasn't Nothing & Now It's Something"

Memphis Bleek has responded to Beanie Sigel's "Not Your Average Cat" name drop and questioned why his former Roc-A-Fella labelmate would go after Jay-Z.
Writing via Twitter, Bleek expressed his initial confusion and gave props for Beans' diss.

"Just waking up my phone going crazy over this segiel sh*t," Bleek wrote Friday (October 30) morning. "I just seen son at power house wasn't nothing now its something..... I'm lost on that.... Guess that's how the rap game work....F*ck bleek 3 haaa that's a good one...And for the rec....I can't diss that's my nigg we gotta get up an chop it up that's all..He know me that's all I could say..." (Memphis Bleek's Twitter)
The record also caught fellow New York rapper Fabolous' attention.

"I jus heard a JayZ diss record by Beanie Siegel..," Fab wrote Friday (October 30). "That's ill to me.. And the record is hard! Never thought i would hear a JayZ diss song by Beanie Siegel....WOW..jus wow.. (Affion Crockett chris brown on larry king impression voice) To me its disappointing, i hate 2 c family fight.. But i dont know either side of the story.. So im neutral & enjoyin the music, as u should i made JayZ & Beanie Siegel a trending topic not even tryin to.. hate hip hop family splits & beef's... the Cam vs. Jim & Juelz, the Cash Money vs. Juve, B.G. & Turk.. Dr. Dre vs. Snoop... all bad." (Fabolous' Twitter)
On "Average Cat," Beans also warns Hov about exposing his habits to his wife, Beyonce.

"This ain't a diss record, this a real record/How it feel to get exposed -- I was the fly on the wall, I witnessed," Beans raps. "I could say sh*t to make B look at you different/And my gangster was never on trial, I was, stood up tall, no snitch/But the rapper Shawn called the police on me/Because I was front row at the Blueprint 3/I just wanted to see him emcee/Reminisce when we were the R-O-C/But he called on the c-o-p's/Not only that, he brought in the f-e-d's/So that's telling me, F-U Sig/So F you too and F Bleek three/Whether I rap or riddle out this motherf*cker -- my name good in every hood." ("Average Cat")
Hours after its release, Beans addressed the record in an interview Friday (October 30) morning.

"I'm not really dissing Jay, there's certain parts in there where my emotions [take over]," Beans explained in an interview with radio personality Charlamagne Tha God. "I'm a rapper, I listened to the Blueprint 3 album, I heard things in there where he was taking shots at people but a lot of things were directed at people...I think my feet was meant for a couple of 'em...Collectively, you gotta understand, people like Peedi Crakk did some unadvised things like make mixtapes called Camel Hunting Season...It's the Roc as a whole -- but when he says lines like 'I heated up the Roc already, so why can't y'all get hot already' -- when you listen to them lines, those are those lines that I know as a rapper, because I know what he do...I know when he's slick on records." (100.3 The Beat)

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