Memphis Bleek's "Process" Cover Art Lands Online

The cover art for Memphis Bleek's The Process album has landed online. The former Roc-A-Fella rapper's latest effort is due for release next spring.

According to reports, Bleek will drop his 534 follow-up in March 2010.

Much like Memph Bleek's last album, 534, the rapper is featured by himself on the cover. Wearing his signature hat backwards and arms crossed similar to a Run-DMC pose, the cover is fully black with a shining light going down on Bleek. His new album, The Process, is set to drop on March 23rd KOCH/E1. (2 Dope Boyz)
He recently spoke on his overall feelings to 534's release.

"After 534 I been about I gotta do my thing," Bleek explained in an interview. "Because I felt like 534 was a people's album. It was very opinionated, put it that way. Everything was like, 'Yo how this sound? How you like this? What kind of beats should I use?' Everything was opinionated, like I was second-guessing everything. So I wanted people opinion to see what they was listening to now so I could get in that zone. So I feel like that was a people's album and I let a good opportunity slip by. So that's why I'm like - And on this [new] album, this is about me, this is about what I do, it's The Process about what I went through all that to get to this point to have my own, and have my team and, all that blood, sweat and tears, it finally paid off. So now it's like you said, another shot in the arm, rejuvenated." (Hip Hop DX)
Prior to getting pushed to March, Bleek was aiming to release the album in early 2010.

"I'm working on the album right now," Bleek promised. "It'll be out by February at the latest. I'm just taking my time with it, putting it together because this is what I dreamed of, dropping my own album on my own imprint, it can't get no better...It's just a hundred percent Bleek, I just wanted to use this opportunity, when he did the Roc Nation thing, I took my time to step out of that shadow. You know, I get a lot of ridicule for being there, but I just wanna show people I can do this on my own too." (Kendra G)
He initially announced plans to drop his new album last August.

New York-based recording artist Memphis Bleek is scheduled to release his fifth studio album titled The Process on November 24, 2009. The album, executive produced by Jay-Z, will feature production from Just Blaze and No I.D with special appearances by Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Pharrell and more! The album will be released on Boston-based label Mass Appeal Entertainment in a joint venture with Bleek's own imprint, Get Low Records. (Press Release)

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