Mosley: It Looks Like I'll Be Fighting Pacquiao on April 16

TMZ - "Sugar" Shane Mosley is giving strong signs he'll get in the ring with Manny Pacquiao for the title fight on April 16.

"I'm the next one in line. The first is Mayweather, but he has a lot of things that he's dealing with right now so he can't do it, so I'm the next one in line. It probably looks like I'll be fighting Manny on April 16th. I'm excited that Manny would give me the opportunity. I'm excited that [Top Rank CEO] Bob Arum and [Pacquiao's] manager, who I think is [Michael] Koncz or whatever his name is, would give me the opportunity. I believe it's going to go down and I think in Vegas at the MGM Grand.

"Manny is just a busy fighter and has a little bit of power. They have all of these different sayings about him doing something but he's never tested positive for anything. He's up and up and he's fighting hard and he gives 100%. He's a true warrior. I love getting in the ring with guys who like to fight, because I like to fight."

Shane seems pretty confident he'll be the challenger, now that Floyd Mayweather appears unwilling to step up.

Mosley said he thinks the fight will go down at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Place your bets!

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