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What's good my peoples it's ya boy Misfitmarx I just wanted to leave my mark on this site right quick. I'm am a 22 year old and my zodiac sign is Virgo just like Ludacris, Nas, Beyonce, and barely Kelis so you already know I'm real creative. I was especially good at drawing

and building with K'nex. As i got into my preteen years that's when i started getting into hardcore rap real heavy and i couldn't stand some of the commercial rappers that were hot at the time like Will Smith. His rap style use to get on my nerves the only rap song i liked by him didn't get enough air play. In the beginning my favorite rappers were Biggie, Jay-z, and Nas but as I got to be older by time I was 14 or 15 I started growing out listening to Jay-z and Biggie but I still was a fan of Nas but my attention was leaning more toward Big L.At one time I started getting nice at rapping from listening to Big L.I almost started to do battle rap myself .Nowadays my favorite rapper to listen to is Tupac and my other favorite rappers are underground rappers. Most of the main stream rappers that I like to listen too I only listen to them because they make a few good rap songs then the rest of their rap songs will be garbage but as far as their rhyme content most rappers in the industry aren't that good. When i wanna hear a good lyricist I usually watch a rap battle.I usually watch Grind Time Rap battles and you can see what type of rap battles I like if you would go to my blog which is I try to put all the hottest rap battles up there so people don't have to use the search engine to look them up but if you would rather search for them i have a Google search engine at the bottom of my blog and you also get my feedback on all the rap battles so if you check it out leave a comment Back in the days i use to love hearing a rapper slay a track now i just like to listen to good music that speaks to my subconscious but it's hard to find music like that nowadays so I find myself listening to 90's rap and r&b because a lot of the music of today lacks that soul element like it had in the 90's and in generations before. I'm the type of dude that looks up rap beats online and listens to them so i can zone out and relax. I was serious at making beats at one point in my life I'll probably get back on it later but right now I'm just getting my priorities straight, so please come to this blog page and leave a comment.

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